At Booth 3.08

At 6.00pm, our (Jeannie’s and my) two day adventure came to a close. From what started as a passing fancy a week ago about setting up a booth at the famous (here, I will use the word “famous” because it is) “flea market” in Amcorp Shopping Mall, to actually going through with it. And now, it is over.

Our booth was in between the famous (Yes, used the “famous” word again, and again; it is valid) “Ipoh Mari” Indian Muruku snacks booth; and Jay’s specialized high-tech printing and hot-pressing very detailed pictures on T-shirts.

We sure made many, many new friends. Farid again, was the first to see us in the morning. Jonathan, who purchased a couple of Hotwheels vehicles yesterday, came buy again, being one of the earliest and purchased a few more Hotwheels vehicles.

Another gentleman, who came by with his wife and two children yesterday, and purchased several Hotwheels vehicles and keyholders / key-chains; was one of the first to visit us this morning, this time without his family. He purchased more keyholders / key-chains. The ones I put up for sale are at least 30 years old. One can tell that these decorative devices to hold your keys secure, was of a different era just by looking at the locking mechanism. Today’s rings are the “coiled, leaf-type” rings.

We had a fashion icon CEO, a popular and influential Cosplayer, my classmate from school, his wife and their eldest son; and many, many collectors and hobbyists visit us at our booth.

It’s just past midnight. It has been quite a struggle piecing this article to where we are right now because my energy is completely drained out. Jeannie is drained out, too; having been asleep since around 9.00pm.

I will have a write-up about all of today’s excitement with lots of pictures, within a day or two. “til then, peace and love to you all.✌️❤️

Jeannie, setting up our booth this morning.

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