Are reviews worth their salt?  Should we give our decisions based solely on what others, say, think and feel or should we use them as mere “guides” to making an informed decision?

I generally read reviews from many authors and then make a decision. Many a time, I go with my instinct. Take for example, the recently launched Samsung Gear Fit. Almost all the reviews raved about the 1.84inch curved amoled screen. Also,  the Gear Fit looks pretty cool. As “Fit” implies fitness; the Gear Fit comes with many (no, can’t use “many”; several health) apps. It even had a built in heart rate monitor – now, how cool is that? But the many, many reviews on the Gear Fit were less than favourable: the battery has to be recharged every two or three days, the health tracking and heart rate apps are not accurate, etc.. I decided to check it out for myself. The screen is great, in fact the Gear Fit looks great on the whole. I like the idea that I can change wallpapers and different clocks from the growing wide choices available. I can live with the fact that the health or heart rate apps are not very accurate. But then, the other wristband health trackers with heart rate apps which we are made to believe as the most accurate, come with a disclaimer that their heart rate monitors should be used only as a guide and that medical help with proper equipment, should be used for accurate results.

So, back to the FIND 7. I have seen and tried out the 7a and I like it. Nice interface, nice features, etc. I am waiting to have a go with the Ultra hd and the 50mp(merged picture) pictures. 5mp front camera, 3gb ram on board, highest pixel count of 538ppi(good to know. I’m  not going to check)  and a blue “Knight Rider” light that glows at the bottom edge of the phone. It supports up to 128gb sd card. Its 32gb on board should be sufficient for most everyday users. Tomorrow is the launch date in Malaysia. I believe that it is going to be a great alternative to the 3 big brands. Pricing wise, its slightly cheaper than the rest. Based on what I have expereienced with the 7a, the 7 should be a “buy”.

Should you take heed to this review (or preemptive view) of the 7? This is totally up to you. Its best that you try out it out first hand. Oppo is here to stay, as more and more Oppo boutique shops are opening. HAPPY SMARTPHONING!

Blogged from my 5th Note

2 thoughts on “OP OP OPPO FIND 7

  1. Today came and has gone, but no Oppo Find 7 available; at least at Sunway Pyramid. A slight hitch in delivery of the units, according to the guys there. Expected to arrive on Saturday.

    One of the salesguys there was trying very hard to push me to get the Find 7a, saying that there isn’t much of a difference between the 7 and 7a. 32gb vs 1694 3rd vs 2gb ram, 538ppi vs 407ppi; 3000mh vs 2800mh battery. The 7 costs about RM400 more. HELLO! It’s worth the extra 400 bucks.


  2. Once again, no Find 7. The Oppo people are now not too sure when the Find 7 will go on sale. There seems to be a problem – either the 7 has a manufacture glitch or the sole distributors have not got enough stocks from Oppo, China.

    Is the 7 worth the wait? Well, there really does not seem to be anything else exciting on offer in the market right now. Oh yeah, Samsung is launching their Tab 8.4S anytime now for RM1,699. The specs on the net and what I’ve been told, is conflicting. So best to wait and see what actually is offered. This, I believe is intended to replace the Note 8.0. The Note 8.0 has held its place in the market for over a year, which is considered pretty long for a Samsung product.


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