They were rare moments yesterday. No, they were more than some “moments”. It was a rare day yesterday when I did not do any writing or finger-hitting the keyboard, typing. Tiredness seemed to have gotten the better of me and I did not wrestle with it or try to decipher it with thoughts, theories or research. I was plain tired and slept quite a lot the whole day.

I can hear the whispers… “actually, he is lazy” and louder than whispers… “lepak lah, bro” and “relax bruder…more like “bruuuddderr”. (1)😂 But then, I still went for my 15 kilometer walk.

My wife, Jeannie; will say “Have a kit-kat”, a line from the Kit-kat brand chocolate wafer advertisement of a few years ago. This advert carried a message to take a break, at least for a while.

Just took a few moments off to turn my keyboard upside down and pat it to shake and remove any dust that might have accumulated in the grooves around the keys or receptacles. Is this considered a break?

Then, I went to the kitchen to make a cold chocolate drink instead of my usual coffee. Checked my Samsung Tab S7 to see if it still had juice. It was on 37%. So I had it plugged in to the fast charger brick. Or is this a break?

Is this procastinating? Yes and no. Yes, if there is a time that is given for an article to be completed. And I think there is more than sufficient time to complete the article. And no, if I need that moment’s break or an idea refresh or writer’s block (?) or just to get something else done.

I love what I am doing. Thoroughly! I should have started much earlier when my school headmaster, the late Brother Harold Reynolds (2) had a long talk with me just before I completed secondary school, suggesting I sign up in a school for journalism to capitalise and sharpen my English language skills further. I didn’t. I had other ideas of what I wanted to do back then, when I was 18.

Fast forward to today. I do not have any regrets of not having started earlier. I think if I started back then, I would have been compelled to just write for a newspaper or probably a publication as a journalist. Either way, I think I would have done well as they are great careers.

As they (who are the “they”? I keep asking this question often enough 😉) say, “Better late than never.

Now, I know the reason why I write. Why I want to write. I hope to impact the world with goodness; that people can find “goodness” in their everyday lives, even in the littlest of moments or things. An example of this is when Ms Victoria Boudeville of Seremban (3); messaged me about 3 weeks ago after reading one of my articles I wrote, and suggested for me to write about an amazing lady who dedicates her life to looking after stray dogs.

Victoria made another suggestion that I write about her football team in which her daughter is in. She travels 5 times a week to bring her daughter for training in Petaling Jaya. (4) Both are wonderful stories that I have put on my sketchboard or writing board. “Sketchboard” sounds fun.😀

There are many like Victoria, who have made suggestions or given me story ideas. At present, my sketchboard is lined up with a number of stories waiting to be written, that it seems like there is a backlog or long queue.

We have to be better than what we are today, not for ourselves; but to help make the world a better place. There is so much that I want to do, yet I have not achieved much. I initiated “BELIEVE” 3 years back and “THE RIPPLE EFFECT” last year. Deep down in my heart; I have always wanted to inspire the world with goodness. I want and hope to do more through

Please share your views and thoughts with me on helping make this possible. You can also email me at The picture “L A” is the logo for leatherpotato. A few eyebrows raised, “L.A. for Leatherpotato”? Leave that for another story.


  1. “lepak lah, bro” and “relax bruder…more like “bruuuddderr” – slang terms used by Malaysians and Singaporeans. It means to spend one’s time aimlessly loitering or loafing around. Interestingly, the word “lepak” is now found in the Oxford dictionary. Lepaked is past tense.
  2. Headmaster of La Salle Secondary School, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia, up to the mid-1970s.
  3. Seremban is in the state of Negri Sembilan, Malaysia.
  4. Petaling Jaya is in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

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