The fairly soft Christmas music playing in the background….”We Three Kings”… the fireplace blazing quite brightly, looking warm, red cinders at the bottom of the logs. 9.00pm. Dec 24th.

Though there are 21 people including myself, here; lots of happy chats in several small groups, making it difficult to follow a single topic without being distracted by another or the others.

The group at the back seem to be having a fun chat with much laughter. From where I am, sitting in the middle hall, slightly out of the fringe of the crowd, it is quiet… or quieter.

“Silent Night” was playing just. Now, “Auld Lang Syne” is on. I think the music is moving too fast as it is now another version of “Silent Night” playing – piano is the main instrument with  a double bass accompanying it. Lounge music. Or am I typing too slow and a year has gone by in a flash after the “Auld Lang Syne” song. Or is it “The Matrix”?

It was a good evening at Mal’s (Malcolm) and Uma’s place, waiting… and finally bringing in Christmas with family and extended family.


The morning of Christmas. 11.20am.

As I pondered (an old word used in writing articles) what I should write… yes, I can see some of you while reading this article say, “It’s Christmas Day! What’s he doing writing? He should be Christmasing (Christmas-ing)!”

I am Christmas-ing. I love what I do. This is my 100th article for the year of at least 500 or more words. I thought what better way than to share about family.

My earliest memories go back to when I was 2 years old. My sister, Jennifer was 3. This was just before Christmas. Dad and mum had gone out for the evening. They locked their bedroom door because all the wrapped Christmas presents were in there and they did not want Jennifer and I to get at them. But you guys know my sister…

Jennifer out smarted dad and mum because she found a way to their bedroom… through the connecting bathroom because that door was not locked. And she outsmarted me, too; by pulling the “I’m older than you so you do as I say” trick. Needless to say, we were caught wrapping paper handed; ripping off the wrapping paper not only from our presents but those from others, too. The consequences of that… selected amnesia (favouritely used by a middle 90 something year aged politician)😉


Christmas to me is everyday. It is the birth of Peace, Love, Joy. If we don’t see it, feel it, hear it; we have to look for it. Everyday. And it starts from within.

Peace, Love, Joy is with me all the time. Family.

Started young with tech. Notice the “Yes!” on her face?😏

There is the Christmas tree, the beautiful ornaments and the lights that go with it. The decorations in all the shopping malls, buildings, homes. Then, there is Bing Cosby belting out his rendition of cheery Christmas carols – he never seems to go out of style. There are almost countless number of singers and performers with their music and performances that fill the air throughout the season with happiness.

This season, our family remembers Jennifer or Jen as she is known to many, and Nigel. They enjoy Christmas.

Laura, Jeannie and I wish you, your family and loved ones Merry Christmas!

Everyone has a story or two about Christmas in their lives. Please do share your Christmas memories, fun, experiences, moments; with all of us here. Your Christmas story can touch someone reading this article.

Michael Buble – White Christmas

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