She Said, “I’m all alone”

My God-daughter, K (her name I will not disclose for her privacy); is a bright young 13-year old. Born from an extra-marital affair, where her father, a doctor and married to someone else; had an affair with an intern, who was not married. Her father did not want to have anything to do with her. Her mother migrated to another country with the promise of returning back soon. It has been nearly 5 years.

She is being looked after and cared for by a gem of a person, who is not of the same race nor religion as her.

She is a typical teenager who has the general same likes and dislikes as any other teenager around her age. Shy, she is a very sheltered “away from crowds” girl.

Young K, recently started having a health issue where her legs just collapse under her when she walks or stands. She was very reluctant to turn up for her appointment with the specialist for fear of bad news. A hospital diagnosed her to have fluid in her her spine, somewhere at the base.

This news itself, had literally frightened this little girl.

What more, now, she has to go for a 4 hour surgical procedure to remove the fluid. Her procedure is scheduled for December 21st. She will still be in hospital on Christmas day. She hopes to be out of hospital by her birthday on December 31st.

Her schoolmates, have been labelling her all sorts of names such as handicapped and “not one of us”. This has affected her badly.

She cried out, “I’m all alone!”.

I am making an appeal to all the 8 billion people of this world to like, send encouraging messages – to let her know that we, the people of this big blue planet, CARE, THAT SHE IS NOT ALONE.

You can send your care messages in the comments section of this article, share this article with everyone else on social media. You can even send messages through my email:

K needs all the love and support she can get. On behalf of K, I thank you in advance.

A lovely song to show that WE, the 8 billion people; ARE THE WORLD.


Trailer: Coming real soon…THROUGH THE EYES OF A 4 YEAR OLD BOY

At about 4 years old. The eyes. The curly hair. That debonair look of sophistication! That’s me.

The house, up the hill… from the school I was to attend in Standard One (year I) when I turn 7… the scary big man in red and white… coming up the road at the side of the house, carrying a big red sack over his shoulder. Maybe, he was going around looking for little children to snatch and carry off in that strange big red sack of his…

The setting: early 1960s… The place: Jalan Chantik, PJ (2).

Months later, a fierce colourful dragon jumping up and down, with its head bouncing from left to right and back and very loud sounds surrounding it… I didn’t know that dragons were real…

The same road saw a very old, small, dark skin man, carry a green table on his white, bandaged head. Daddy called him to come in our gate, which was not locked. This man was so black…he must have got burnt by the sun because we see him come past our house in the sun… His table had many small compartments, with several different nuts. As he walked along the road, he used to shout on top of his voice, “Kachang Putih! Kachang Putih!”. He would pass our house everyday around the same time, when the sun was shining and hot. We never saw him on days that had heavy rain.

Kachang Putih man, similar to the one who used to sell his tidbits in Jalan Chantik in the early 1960s.

I also thought he was dressed funny. First, he had the white bandage around his head. Then, he did not wear pants. He had a white cloth… like a skirt…

Then, there was an aunty, who wore a funny hat. She carried a long, wooden pole on her shoulder. At the ends of the pole, on each side; hung round baskets….

Another lady, a nurse I think, because she was always dressed in white, yet I think she may have just finished school as she carried a rattan / cane basket. But mummy used to buy soap from her. Maybe, after school, she sold soap part-time.

Thinking back….60 years have gone by.

The “scary big man dressed in red and white” was Santa Claus. No one prepared me for “Santa Claus”. Neither did they tell me he was Santa Claus. I would not have thought so since he was walking on the road by the side of the house. No one told me that he was the good guy, on our side. All “those years” of growing up, from the time we (my sister, Jen and I) were 2 years (which was the time we began understanding things – we were all grown up to be able to handle the “adult” stuff like understanding things) to 4 years; it was ingrained in us, “Don’t talk to strangers”. So, all strangers were “the bogeyman”.

Long before we ever watched Ultraman battling monsters on tv; the fierce colourful dragon jumping up and down, with its head bouncing from left to right and back again, and very loud sounds of big drums and cymbals clashing surrounding it… that was in celebration of Chinese New Year or lunar year celebrations. I reacted like any kid my age would have reacted at that time…I freaked out!

This monster size looking snake, with huge eyes, the size of bowling balls (not that I knew what bowling balls looked like at that time), snaking its way up the road at the side of the house. What more… every step it took thumped the ground with the sound of thunder (pounding of drums) and its hissing, the sound of the crack of lightning (clashing of cymbals).. No one told us that was supposed to be a lion. That sure didn’t look like a lion. I know what a lion looked like. Daddy & mummy had taken Jen and I to visit the zoo in KL (3). We saw what lions looked like. They sure weren’t colourful and didn’t look like what we saw on the road. Anyway, what was a lion doing, walking freely around the houses?

I thought that the man balancing the table on his head was from the circus. It was quite a feat as the table looked stable and he looked comfortable (“table” mentioned 3 times in a single breath) with it as he walked long hours each day, everyday. The kacang putih or white peanuts and other varieties he sold, was quite tasty. It must have been healthy food because he also sold salted fried parapu or dhal. That “uncle” is fondly remembered. We were thought to refer to every grownup man as an “uncle” and every grownup lady as an “aunty”. Oh… and his head was not bandaged. He wore a turban!

The aunty who wore that funny upside down filter-shaped hat could most probably have been from the same circus as the uncle above. Her hat was to give her some shade from the sun. She was very good at balancing several round baskets, one on top of each other; at each end of the pole. She carried her cakes in these round baskets.

Something similar to the lady selling cakes with round baskets at each end of the pole. This picture was taken in Hanoi, Vietnam; in 2008, when I just turned 50. Here, I am trying to experience what it was like carrying the pole with fruit laden baskets at each end of it.


She sold some of the most delicious cakes in many colours that were diamond, round or rectangular shaped. The red and white layered kuih in rectangle shape, the white rice with a sort of green custard on top, or the green sort of custard with a coconut layered custard on top, the blue and white colour rice with kaya jam. I think she started walking her daily routes early in the morning as her cakes usually sold out by noon.

Sometimes, another uncle will carry something similar to the aunty selling cakes. He, too; sold cakes, differently from the aunty; but he carried them in round aluminum-type pans.

The lady who I thought was a nurse because she was all dressed in white yet at the same time thought she was a schoolgirl because she carried a rattan basket, was actually a part time soap or clothes detergent saleslady. She used to carry packets of this detergent and go from house-to-house, selling them. My mother used to buy detergent quite often from this lady.


I had an enjoyable time writing this essay as it brought back many favourable memories. I have tried to depict this story as best as I can from the memories I have of the time we (my family) stayed in that house up the hill in Jalan Chantik, PJ. I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.


  1. Fig 1: Malaysian Kuih: A marriage of flavours and cultures | Malay Mail :
  2. PJ or Petaling Jaya is a city in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.
  3. KL or the city of Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia.

Trailer: Coming real soon…THROUGH THE EYES OF A 4 YEAR OLD BOY

The house, up the hill from the school I was to attend in the year I was 7… the scary big man in red and white coming up the road at the side of the house…

The setting: early 1960s… The place: Jalan Chantik, PJ

Months later, a fierce colourful dragon jumping up and down, with its head bouncing from left to right and back and very loud sounds surrounding it… I didn’t know that dragons were real…

The same road saw a very old, small made man, carry a green table on his white, bandaged head. Daddy called him to come in our gate, which was not locked. This man was so black…he must have got burnt by the sun because we see him come past our house in the sun… His table had many small compartments, with several different nuts. As he walked along the road, he used to shout on top of his voice, “Kachang Putih! Kacang Putih!”.

I also thought he was dressed funny. First, he had the white bandage around his head. Then, he did not wear pants. He had a white cloth… like a skirt…

Then, there was an aunty, who wore a funny hat. She carried a long, wooden pole on her shoulder. At the ends of the pole, on each side; hung round baskets….

Another lady, a nurse I think, because was always dressed in white, yet I think she may have just finished school as she carried a rattan / cane basket. But mummy used to buy soap from her. Maybe, after school, she sold soap part-time.

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It has been quite an eventful last 4 weeks in the Klang → Subang Jaya, Klang → Shah Alam and Klang → Petaling Jaya routes and back. Klang is where Dad and mum live; Subang Jaya is where Malcolm & Uma and Jeannie & I live; Shah Alam is where Malcolm & Uma live and Petaling Jaya is Klang to UMMC hospital.

The best baker of buttercakes, my mum – Philomena Atkinson; was at her usual at age 84 just about to turn 85.

Famous birthday cake with the famous icing. I remember in our younger days, we’d hang around for mum to finish icing the cake and then make a grab for the balance icing. One of those that remember this well is Guy Rozario.

It was one evening, somewhere in the first week of June, I get a call from mum. Oh, by the way, “best baker of buttercakes” has been bestowed upon her by the many. many, many people who have tasted her buttercakes and want more. Everyone keeps pestering her for her secret ingredient. Her “secret” ingredient is an open secret. Why? Because even if you know it, it would be impossible to duplicate. You may come close, but exacting it is not possible. This “secret” ingredient is called “love“.

You will agree with me that it is impossible to duplicate, just like a fingerprint. It belongs to that person. It is also just like colours.

Here, just when you thought the spectrum of colours had 8 – 12 (these were the standard colours in the box of colour pencils we used to take to school)…. The range started growing until smartphones were touting 16 million colours. Then, the “in-thing” phrase “A.I.” or artificial intelligence (don’t know what the big fuss is all about when politicians have been around for the longest time) has become a new buzzword which in turn has created a palette of 1 ber ber billion, yes billion; colours. So, the standard set of 8 -12 colours are now recognized in the different shades, most of which we think we don’t see; they are there. It is just that we don’t recognize them or take it for granted.

Back to mum’s secret ingredient in her buttercakes. It was that one evening…I get a call from her saying that she had a fall. I had just picked Jeannie up from work and was about to head home. She said that she was carrying a freshly baked cake out of the oven when she lost her balance and fell. I think at that time, dad was out on one of his errands. At 90, that man sure has a swagger.

Just in case if you are wondering. No, it is not my birthday…yet. But coming real soon. This was last year’s birthday. The dark chocolate, nyonya kuih, Burger King’s whopper and KFC breakfast was Jeannie’s idea.

Jeannie and I went straight up (or down?) to Klang from P.J.. We reached mum within 45 minutes. Dad was already at home by then. Mum complained about a bad pain in her leg. She was advised by a couple of friends to go for an x-ray at a nearby clinic.. She was hesitant and not quite up to going right there and then.

I called a buddy – childhood friend and classmate, Dr Michael Lee Pillai, up for advice on getting x-rays done. He advised that it was better for mum to get an MRI done at the hospital nearby so that a specialist could assess the issue mum had.

We took mum the next morning to have this done. Results showed no fractures or broken bones.

We celebrated her birthday over the weekend and on June 14th, mum’s actual birthday; Jeannie and I visited them. A few minutes after we left them; dad calls to say mum had another fall. We turned back and headed back to their house. We were less than 10 minutes away at that time.

She was climbing the stairs, with the aide of the prong walking stick; to go to her bedroom. Just after the first step, she fell backwards. We believed what could have happened was that the prong walking stick was not placed firmly on the step, which may have caused her to lose her balance. With a slight bump on the back of her head, she seemed ok. But, she did complain of a pain in her hip joint.

We, again took her for another MRI which showed no fractures or broken bones. She decided to take a break from her cake making and focus on her physical recovery.

A few days ago, dad called to say that mum was back at baking, but taking it at an easy pace. Many people who love her buttercakes expressed a great relief to hear that they can get her buttercakes again. Most common statement from them, “There is no others like your mother’s buttercakes”. Pictures of some of the buttercakes she has made are shown here.

Mum is also well known for her suggee cakes and fruit cakes. She would start preparing for the fruitcakes between 3 to 6 months. This story is for another time.😘

So, yeah! The best of buttercake baker is back!

NOTES: Klang, Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya are cities in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.

Movie: A Royal Christmas Engagement

Just watched this movie on tv starring Paige Bach and James Nitti, amongst others. It was centered around chocolate. Yeah…well, that is one of the reasons I watched this movie. And I watched it with “I dream of Jeannie” my wife.

It is definitely nice to get away from the stress. And one way of doing that is to watch a movie without stress.

I thought it as a nice movie where Lauren (Paige) was an everyday hardworking executive had to team up with the secretive….

The ideas of how to sell an exclusive brand of chocolate to make it inclusive to reach out toa broader….

I reached out to the lead actress, Paige Bach. And she responded.😁

My recommendation: Watch the movie.


The fairly soft Christmas music playing in the background….”We Three Kings”… the fireplace blazing quite brightly, looking warm, red cinders at the bottom of the logs. 9.00pm. Dec 24th.

Though there are 21 people including myself, here; lots of happy chats in several small groups, making it difficult to follow a single topic without being distracted by another or the others.

The group at the back seem to be having a fun chat with much laughter. From where I am, sitting in the middle hall, slightly out of the fringe of the crowd, it is quiet… or quieter.

“Silent Night” was playing just. Now, “Auld Lang Syne” is on. I think the music is moving too fast as it is now another version of “Silent Night” playing – piano is the main instrument with  a double bass accompanying it. Lounge music. Or am I typing too slow and a year has gone by in a flash after the “Auld Lang Syne” song. Or is it “The Matrix”?

It was a good evening at Mal’s (Malcolm) and Uma’s place, waiting… and finally bringing in Christmas with family and extended family.


The morning of Christmas. 11.20am.

As I pondered (an old word used in writing articles) what I should write… yes, I can see some of you while reading this article say, “It’s Christmas Day! What’s he doing writing? He should be Christmasing (Christmas-ing)!”

I am Christmas-ing. I love what I do. This is my 100th article for the year of at least 500 or more words. I thought what better way than to share about family.

My earliest memories go back to when I was 2 years old. My sister, Jennifer was 3. This was just before Christmas. Dad and mum had gone out for the evening. They locked their bedroom door because all the wrapped Christmas presents were in there and they did not want Jennifer and I to get at them. But you guys know my sister…

Jennifer out smarted dad and mum because she found a way to their bedroom… through the connecting bathroom because that door was not locked. And she outsmarted me, too; by pulling the “I’m older than you so you do as I say” trick. Needless to say, we were caught wrapping paper handed; ripping off the wrapping paper not only from our presents but those from others, too. The consequences of that… selected amnesia (favouritely used by a middle 90 something year aged politician)😉


Christmas to me is everyday. It is the birth of Peace, Love, Joy. If we don’t see it, feel it, hear it; we have to look for it. Everyday. And it starts from within.

Peace, Love, Joy is with me all the time. Family.

Started young with tech. Notice the “Yes!” on her face?😏

There is the Christmas tree, the beautiful ornaments and the lights that go with it. The decorations in all the shopping malls, buildings, homes. Then, there is Bing Cosby belting out his rendition of cheery Christmas carols – he never seems to go out of style. There are almost countless number of singers and performers with their music and performances that fill the air throughout the season with happiness.

This season, our family remembers Jennifer or Jen as she is known to many, and Nigel. They enjoy Christmas.

Laura, Jeannie and I wish you, your family and loved ones Merry Christmas!

Everyone has a story or two about Christmas in their lives. Please do share your Christmas memories, fun, experiences, moments; with all of us here. Your Christmas story can touch someone reading this article.

Michael Buble – White Christmas


It’s Christmas time again… slightly less than three weeks. The shopping malls are crowded and businesses will be thriving again. The Mid-Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur (1) was no exception yesterday. Crowded. Christmas decorations everywhere, with huge themed displays in the Concourse and North and South courts (that is what they are named)… Many of the shops and stores were decked with Christmas decorations, too.

The Magic of a Smile, Zaltro 23, Pinero

Lots of purchases, were made, everywhere. I think people have come out to feel and experience the festivities after being locked in by the pandemic for almost two years. They have reason to smile again.

Christmas is way more than shopping or being with the crowds of the hustle and bustle of activities.

For Christians the world over, Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is about family; Christmas is about friends.

Hey! I am supposed to be writing this story about this long lost friend, Sharon; now found after more than 35 years, who lives in Germany presently. We connected over the past few days through Whatsapp. Loraine, her sister, was right – Sharon is a live wire! So, it seems I have veered off to Christmas. What is happening now is I am writing two articles at the same time. Haha.


Jeannie and I visited my mum and dad at their home in Klang last evening, as we usually do at least once a week. In the course of our conversation about Christmas this year, Jeannie volunteered to put up the Christmas tree and some decorations. My mum straight away said that dad did not want any decorations up this year. Dad added in saying, “It is a period of mourning that they want to observe for the passing of Jennifer and Nigel.”

Jeannie and I totally understand mum’s and dad’s wishes. We respect their wishes, too. They expect us to celebrate Christmas in our homes as usual. My siblings and I will still gather at their home in Klang for Christmas dinner as it has been tradition for years and years. And years (stronger emphasis).

Jennifer and Nigel pulled out all stops when it came to decorating their homes. It is safe to say that they usually started putting up decorations at least one and a half months before Christmas. Nothing was done haphazardly. They planned. They had themes!

A few years back, Nigel decked his house with enough Christmas lights, so brightly lit up; that it could be seen from outer space. His decorated house acted as a beacon of light like a lighthouse for spaceships travelling. Captain James T. Kirk of Starfleet Enterprise; told pilot, Sulu; to set course for the Enterprise, using Nigel’s lighted house as an anchor light; to travel to a new frontier where no man has travelled before.

Now, heaven is no longer the same with the both of them there. No longer on lofty, soft white clouds, only playing harps. Imagine heaven all decked up for Christmas – colourful decorations (yes, themed) with hundreds of millions of lights (LED of course, environmentally friendly). The Man is gonna have one heck-of-a electricity bill.

I know it is a bit early for Christmas. A few days ago, when my good friend, Richard Kok; joined us for lunch, we, as usual; talked about a variety of topics. We shared many ideas and views on these topics. I thought many of them could be used in my upcoming and future articles. By the next day, I forgot most of what we discussed about. I will have to get Richard to come over again to jog my memory.

While at Mid-Valley Megamall; I bought myself a Christmas present: the Thronmax Mdrill One kit. I like its versatility in recording applications.I see this Christmas gift to myself 😉 as useful.

So, I thought the best way of remembering is to record our discussion. Thinking bigger, I could explore a plan to have a podcast channel. I was toying with the idea of stating this middle of last year. Somehow, it remained just a strong idea, only.

This can also lead to exploring an idea of growing my YouTube Channel.

A Christmas present for work…

I stopped by at the artificial intelligence shop. Lots of seemingly cool gadgets… Nah! I’ll rely on real intelligence…mine! For now.

As we were coming back into Subang Jaya; there was one big, bright star, shining…

christmas star jupiter saturn
The Christmas star. A conjunction between Saturn and Venus in 2016. | NURPHOTO/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES


  1. Kuala Lumpur – capital of Malaysia


Siblings’ photo: Standing Left to Right; Shirley, Nigel, Malcolm, Uma, myself, Jeannie, Mabel, Terence, Ashley
Seated Left to Right: Ray, Jen, Laura, Sarah

They (not sure who “they” are) say a picture paints a thousand words.

This has to be amongst the best pictures of me, my family, my siblings and their families. It would have been perfect if Alana was in it. I think she was abroad at that time. I love this picture for its clarity and detail. I can’t remember exactly when this picture was taken. It could have been 2015, 2016 or 2017 Christmas.

Seated Left to Right: Raymond Arnold. Former national squash coach, national squash player, now squash coach extraordinaire. Always ready for a good laugh. He is game for anything and loves food. Who doesn’t? Was married to my late sister, Jennifer.

Next seated is Jennifer (Jen). I always used to say that no camera could escape Jen. Jen always insisted on many photographs be taken, especially with family. Hence, the photo above. She was also the family instigator / organiser of many of family gatherings. This picture was taken at Christmas time at The Curve shopping centre in Petaling Jaya. We were there because Jen thought it a great idea that we siblings and our families meet at a mall like this for light shopping and dinner at least once every Christmas. We always had fun at these once a year at the mall Christmas affairs with the family.

Jen was richly talented with her art. She brightened the world with her paintings and murals on many different objects and surfaces.

One of Jen’s paintings / creations. The picture is so vibrant, the colours and detail are exquisite.

Jen also worked extensively on troll beads, fusing beautiful colours on them. She spent long hours working up ideas as art.

Seated next to Jennifer (back to “Jennifer” instead of “Jen” for me. I grew up with “Jennifer” in my life, so I am more comfortable with her full name, though she went into “Jen” mode.) is our (Jeannie’s and my) daughter, Laura. She is the youngest in the Atkinson clan.

Laura, Jeannie and me

Laura is currently abroad, furthering her tertiary education. While in Malaysia; if she was not at studies, she was training and swimming in championships throughout the country.

Laura was a state swimmer, representing Selangor. She was amongst the top 3 swimmers in Malaysia for the 100m and 50m Breaststroke events in the girls’ age group. Now, she represents her university and its swim team in these events and others, too. Just won the 100yd (yard) Breaststroke at Caroll University (Millikin University meet with Caroll University – 7th November, 2021).

Now, sitting on Laura’s left in the picture is (Chef) Sarah Atkinson. Besides being an artist in food presentation; the meals that she prepares leaves her guests wanting for more; seconds, third helpings. Literally! She is a chef at a foreign high commission. Sarah is the daughter of Nigel and Shirley.

Standing, at the back, from left: Shirley, was married to my late brother, Nigel. Shirley is operations chief at a freight forwarding logistics company. She is the most sought after person by her shipping line agencies and clients; pretty much on call 24×7.

Then, after Shirley in the picture; comes Nigel. Nigel is the in the middle of the five of us siblings : Jennifer, Alan, Nigel, Terence and Malcolm.

Nigel ran a temp-maid cleaning agency, providing the services of maids to clean your home, or small office or building. He had a good rapport with his clients, which were from Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya and Shah Alam. (3) He obliged some people who were staying out of these areas.

From young, Nigel had this fastidious trait about him: everything had to be clean and in place at all times. There was never a time that anything out of place, even by one millimetre; would get past him. Always having a joke or two, or three at hand to share, he would be the livewire of a party. he loved to sing, too. He was generous, even with the little he had.

Malcolm is next in the picture. He is the youngest in the family but that never stopped him from doing and achieving what he wanted. Known by many as “the singing pastor”; his music and his personality has drawn many, many people to the good news.

Malcolm is up to date on news of his favourite marvel action heroes. He has a pretty good collection of marvel comics, a collection which he started from the time he was in school.

Much of his time now is spent recording and producing music that he sings solo, and with others, too. He wants the end result of production to be the way he has envisaged the songs to be.

Uma, Malcolm’s wife; has a penchant for cooking. She loves cooking. she has all sorts of cooking utensils and gadgets that bring out the already deliciousness in the food she serves. Dinners at their home usually has a wide spread of Indian or western cuisine or a combination of both.

While at hers and Malcolm’s home yesterday she taught us a lesson which I heard for the first time and think it as interesting. If you are eating an Indian meal and use your hands instead of the usual cutlery; you pick up the food with your fingers, making sure the food does not touch the palm of your hand.

Continuing with the siblings photo. I am next after Uma and don’t need any introduction. 😄😉

Jeannie is standing next to me, more like in front of me. She hardly needs any introduction. She is in business development in the food services industry. Always on the lookout for new food items and brands.

Jeannie is also a batik influencer. Batik designs and materials have evolved since it became popular many years ago. Jeannie has an interest in the different types of batik and has produced several ladies’ jackets and tops that have gone to several parts of the world. If you see a lady in the U.S., Australia or Japan in a beautiful batik jacket; it may most likely be one of Jeannie’s creations.

Mabel is next. Terence’s wife; she makes fancy design cakes. She is artistic and thus produces these beautifully designed cakes. When there’s a party in her house; cups will be plastic with your names written on them so that there won’t be an unnecessary waste of cups. She is organised.

Terence, Mabel’s husband; happens to be my brother, not my “second brother” or my cousin’s cousin. Wait a minute – my cousin’s cousin? We’re onto something here. 😁

Terence, who is also the “Uncle Al” (4) of our generation; has been with international schools for many years now. He spends a lot of time with his hobby – hydroponic (5) vegetables. He is about to turn 60 in a few days time. Happy Birthday, Terence (in advance). Welcome to the “60s is the new thirties” club.

Ashley is the last but not least in this picture. Younger daughter of Terence and Mabel; she is a teacher by profession. She started a new handicraft business fairly recently, promoting all the handicraft she makes. She is a very talented singer.

This photo of my siblings and myself and our families, has that warm and Christmas-y atmosphere about it. Will be treasured. Christmas is just around the corner.

Every time I re-visit a picture, it tells me the same story, but from a different point of view. As I get on in years, the same picture becomes more vibrant. – Good memories. Many smiles. Everlasting.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, I think it does more than that. Definitely more than a thousand words – this essay is over 1,300 words.


  1. Jennifer passed away in March 2019.
  2. Nigel passed away in August 2021.
  3. Subang Jaya, Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya are cities in Selangor, Malaysia.
  4. “Uncle Al” – his mannerisms, way of talking and expressing himself is like dad’s brother, Uncle Al.
  5. Hydroponics is a type of horticulture and a subset of hydroculture which involves in growing plants (usually crops) without soil, by using mineral nutrient solutions in an aqueous solvent… Hydroponics offers many advantages notably a decrease in water usage in agriculture.