It’s exactly mid-year – Report Card time.

I have been pushing the “envelope” to it’s limit, meaning I have tried to squeeze the maximum of my abilities with the time I’ve got.

I believe that time is the most important asset anyone has. It is one of the biggest motivating factors to keep me forging on.

I know that the novel I am supposed to write – well…the needle has not moved since three months ago.

On the hand, I have picked up momentum again in these articles that I am posting. The many personal messages I have received on how my articles in some way or another has helped readers re-live wonderful memories of their past, is immensely encouraging. Readership is spanning over 30 countries. I am having epic fun in writing.

I am working on something currently. But I thought I will take a short break and go for a walk now. Get inspired, hopefully. It is the afternoon nearing 1.30pm and the sun is near blazing hot, with a slight cloud overcast.

Enjoy the short break with me. Will be back in a bit. Here’s something to enjoy doing that: the beautiful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Shania Twain with her incredible: “You’re Still The One”.

Shania Twain: You’re Still The One; ShaniaTwainVevo

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