Over 60 years ago. Picture taken when we were living in the Jalan Cantek house. This was by the flower box lining the curved wall.

The numerology number 63 is a number of humanitarianism, family, and idealism. It is a number of harmony and tolerance. The number 63 may be understood as being a number 9 with an affinity for family and creative self-expression. The energy 63 represents includes the ideas of philanthropy, healing, and optimism. It resonates with justice, human welfare, and a harmonious home — elements generally included in its vision of an ideal society and environment. The energy tends to be creative in the pursuit of its ideals, trying this and that to see which works best. 63 is able to estimate future conditions affecting humankind by extrapolating trends and effects from current and past conditions. (1)

For those who may not realise it; it is just after 62 and before 64. What a revelation!

I have written several journals or diaries – all of them from different points of view or perspectives in life. Some of my thoughts and views cannot be shared in public, at least for now.  What I penn here are glimpses during the last 63 years completed, moving into my 64th. I may some time in the future, write an offshoot or more of certain parts of this essay.

I cannot remember much of the days before going to Standard One (2) at school. Glimpses… yes… like when we were staying in our Jalan Cantek (3) house. It must have been around Christmas time as I saw this huge fella with a white beard, all dressed in red and white walking up Jalan Cantek. He looked scary. I must have been a couple of years old at that time.

Another time, we were staying in “Low Shaman’s house” (it seemed fashionable to rent and move from house to house in different places – change of scenery?) It was early in one of our usual everyday evenings around 1964. Uncle Ronnie Weller was taking us – Jennifer, Nigel and me and his 4 children – Jerry, Marion, Norah and Jimmy for a walk. We were all dressed up, with shoes and socks, looking spiffy, just to go for that evening walk. This was the trend of those times.

A Note from the Weller children some time in 1964 or 1965

By the time, I was in school in my first year; I was liked very much by my class teacher, Mrs Lee; that she even came to our house to have a chat with mum about me. I remember that day when she came over, dressed in her usual white nyonya baju top with sarong kebaya (4) and looking very much like “Grannie” from the sitcom show “The Beverley Hillbillies”. She had a mean streak to boot.

On my first day at my new school – La Salle Primary School, Klang; I was greeted by the headmaster, Brother Michael, with two strokes of the cane for not wearing a tie. It was a Monday. Why didn’t someone tell me? No not about what day it was, but about wearing a tie on a Monday. I tried telling him that I was new in school but that did not deter him from using the cane. He must have had a quota to fill that day. What a welcome. I became friends with Duncan La Brooy, Eddie Lim Swee Huat, Walter James Danker – all a lasting friendship till today. Duncan looks very much like Broderick Crawford of the tv series, “Highway Patrol”; “Mr Eddie Lim” – as he is known by the world, is an established artist and Walter has been away in Norway for many years, running a big farm.

5 years in secondary school sort of went by very fast. Maybe, it was because in the final year, I was at the Mariner’s Club swimming pool every day after school. I loved swimming, and I made many local and foreign friends there.

The takeaway from these years in school is that we did not learn so much as to be dependent or independent but to be inter-dependent. Many of our Form Five batch fellas are still pretty much in touch with each other. What would we do without modern technology and social media.

I started working after school. My first job was selling Mazda cars for Asia Motors. The lady interviewer must have liked me – she gave me the job.

After many years or working, most of them in sales, I got married on Nov 25th, 1995. I married a very intelligent person. I know, I know… you are going to ask, “Why did Jeannie marry me? What did she see in me?” I just said she is a very intelligent person. That’s why.

We spent our first several years together, travelling to many parts of the world on holiday. Very memorable times.

Then, Laura came along in 2001. It was “Shake, rattle and roll” since then. First time parents, every day. This was the “real deal”. Laura has been a tremendous blessing to our (Jeannie’s and my) lives, to all our extended family members and friends. You can read an article I published, “Laura is 20 Today, June 27th, 2021” in my blog. (5)

MBA Graduation, 2002. All three of us 🙂
Hanoi, Vietnam – 2008. A surprised birthday trip organized by Keith Ganesan. I had to sell pineapples to earn my keep.
Hanoi, Vietnam. 2008. With Keith Ganesan.
Hanoi, Vietnam; 2008. This girl meets us in the street and ask if we want good home cooked Vietnamese food. She wasn’t kidding. Leading us through narrow streets, pathways and up a flight of stairs, somewhere in Hanoi – we end up in her home. Her mother cooks a simple, yet delicious spread of Vietnamese food which was very reasonable priced. This girl and her two sisters were so caught up with my iPhone 3 (not 13). It was a very pleasant experience of Vietnamese hospitality.
2009: Part of the choir for the musical organized by the Daughters of St Paul, on the life of St Paul
The Atkinson brothers – with Malcolm, Nigel and Terence.
About to begin our climb up Mt Kinabalu (4,095.2m high) in Sabah, 2009 with the ’76 La Sallians. I’m the one with the orange beannie cap. My first up that mountain. We got caught in a very bad rainstorm, with strong winds and poor visibility on the way up.
At 52. Picture taken at about 5.00pm on the view deck of the base camp on Mt Kinabalu, Sabah, 2010. My second climb.
On standby and all ready for Baywatch. This is on one of the islands off Kota Kinabalu. It was a day or so after our Mt Kinabalu mountain hike in 2009. I have no idea what that white stuff was on my face. Could be sunblock.
2011. At Thailand’s north-east border with Laos’ north-west border; separated by the Mekong river. We took a little boat across to the Laos side and got our passports validated. Here I am with (from Left to Right) Lawrence, Garang Mervyn and deep-sea fisherman Charles Lee; as we were about to board our yacht / trawler / vessel to go on a two day trip down the Mekong river to Lao Prabang, Laos.
2011. With Sounida, the Manageress of Dao Bkc Villa, Pak Beng. This was our La Salle ’76 group’s stop over night stay / break on our way to Lao Prabang on the Mekong river.
Last of the joint birthdays shared with Jen. Hers was on July 6th.
One of my 304 times I donated platelets, plasma, blood.
Donating some books to the library of my alma mater, La Salle School, Klang, 2018. This was organized by the Lions Club. The library at that time was situated in what was my classroom in Form 3, 1973.
The rolling tea plantation hills of Boh, Cameron Highlands; 2018
2019. At the MPSJ track. Just before Laura left for the US.
On the way to Tokyo , then to the USA; Aug 15th, 2019
At a shopping mall in Springfield, Illinois, USA, August 2019.
Aug 2019: At the Beachclub in Decatur, Illinois.
At Decatur airport, August 24th, 2019, with Laura. I was heading back to Malaysia; she was starting her tertiary education at Millikin University.
The Cessna 402 – my ride from Decatur to Chicago. First time flying in a propeller-powered aeroplane. I was expecting all, the diesel, soot, smoke, to get into the plane. It was on the contrary, a very pleasant and fun flight all the way. I will explain the fun part after July 14th.
Tom Cruise is following me on Twitter.

Fast forward to March, last year. Covid-19 breaks out. Malaysia, like many parts of the world; shuts down and manages to contain the spread. It re-surges this year, causing widespread devastation to people’s lives. Suicides are at its highest, ever; everything seems to be tanking in, people, even those in urban areas; have all surrendered, no will to fight any longer and probably given up hope. It is a war with no guns, bombs, weapons. Nothing seems to be working.

There is always hope. No Matter what, there will be a tomorrow morning, the sun will rise. Yes, it is tough, yes, it is rough. In order to get through this, we have to BELIEVE, believe that together, we can get through this. Take this time to sharpen our skills, or hone new skills. Be on the ready. We don’t have to wait for it to be easy, to be happy.


On this day, my birthday; I encourage everyone to live life. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

A beautiful birthday butter cake made by my mum. My mum and dad called to wish me “Happy Birthday”.


Charles(Bijou) Giles Rozario sent me an early beautiful birthday message and a musical video, “It’s Your Birthday” (New Christian Happy Birthday Song); written by Trina Feliciano. Sung by her with two other singers. Bijou or Charlie and I were in the same year in school, together with Duncan, Eddie and Walter.

My dear Alan Ian Atkinson here’s wishing. You a Blessed Birthday for tomorrow 10/7/21 and now may I bless you dear Alan?
And now may the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon you and be gracious to you always and may the good Lord lift up His countenance upon you and grant you peace and rest all the days of your life and may the good Lord bless the labour of your hands and cause you to prosper in everything you set your hands to do and finally may the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your family with the best of health and keep you and your family in safety always and this I ask and I pray in the most mighty the most perfect and the most powerful name of Jesus Christ who was who is and who is to come Amen and Amen.
Happy Birthday again my brother.

  2. “Standard One” – today it is known as Year On
  3. “Jalan Cantek” – name of a road in the Malay language, meaning, “Nice’ Road” (Jalan).
  4. “Nyonya Baju top” and “sarong kebaya” or Baju Panjang are usually worn together as a set, by ladies of Penang and sometimes Malacca. Both with distinct differences in style but generally the same concept. Some designs are of Peranakan origin. It is a long sleeved, knee length, transparent blouse worn with an inner white undershirt and a batik sarong (wrap-around skirt) bottom. It is held together by kongsangs (a set of three round silver-gilt or gold brooches studded with pearls and other precious stones.
  5. “Laura Is 20 Today, June 27th, 2021”; 27th June, 2021,

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