Dear folks. I am sorry for sending these messages late. I wanted confirmation that it was a genuine case.  But the real reason for the late message is because I get vibes that people are fed up of me making appeals for platelets, blood,  etc. Its tough. I send messages. To so many groups. Then, I got back on the rails: people need help. Today,  I donated for the 230th time :platelets (platelets, plasma, blood). I can’t remember even one of the recepients coming back and thanking me personally. I don’t expect it and therefore am not disappointed. I make new friends. Amy, Julian’s mother,  and I,  have become friends even though we’ve not met personally. We communicate through WhatsApp.

I just pass the message of appeals around.  I am a “majordomo”. Someone,  somewhere in the crowd will respond. I don’t form any opinions on those that donate and those that don’t. I will continue to do so, with the greatest hope that help will be rendered to those in need.

Please help Saravanakumar by resending this message to people who live near that hospital.

Many thanks. God Bless.

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