roma, italy

Roma, F8 Tributo, Monza SP1, Aventador, Huracan, Gelato, pizza, pasta, Illy, Lavazza, caffe moka, Benetton, Armani, Prada, Versace, Milan, Florence, Pisa – everything Italian.

For the car enthusiast, “Roma, F8 Tributo, Monza SP1, Aventador, Huracan” refer to models of legendary Ferrari and Lamborghini supercar marques. Italy is also home to Alfa Romeo and Maserati.

Gelato Italian ice cream, pizza, pasta, Illy, Lavazza, caffe moka all refer to food and beverages.

Yes, you’ve got to have one of these to prove that you’ve been shopping in Italy – Benetton, Armani, Prada, Versace. Question is, are these still made in Italy? Italy is also home to many excellent quality products that are made by small businesses.

One criteria that I look out for is that the products have to be “Made in Italy”.

Ferrari leather and braided belt – Made in Italy

Ferrari leather and braided belt – Made in Italy.

Coming to Italy, you have to visit at least one of these cities to say that you’ve been to Italy – Milan, Florence, Pisa. Oh yes, how can I leave out perhaps the most famous of all – Venice?

Date: January / February 2009.

Jeannie was in Italy with gift-of-the-gab, renowned, Chef Wan; and his crew on a shoot of some food products. They got in and stayed in Vasanello, a little town, half an hour away or about 20 kilometers from Orte.

Jeannie, at “home” in Vasanello, Italy

Vasanello has a population of 4,249. (1) It is about 80 kilometers north of Rome.

Princess Laura, sitting like how a princess does; in the foyer, at “home” in Vasanello, Italy; enjoying a bit of sunlight during winter.

Some of the initial scenes like the swimming pool were of the large house we stayed in. We had to hitch a ride from our hosts whenever we wanted to go to town. In town, we had to catch a cab to the railway station in Orte. Orte is about an hour to Rome by train.

Travelling to and fro Orte from Vasanello, we had to pass the ancient part of the town which was carved into the mountains hundreds of years ago. People still live in that part of town. Cavemen?

The carved out mountain looks nice, with its face (walls) painted in many colours. This mountain will be on the right, just across the valley, as we come into Orte from Vasanello.

Orte, a town, too; but larger than Vasanello.

The short movie clip below was mainly shot in Rome. (2) It was February 14, 2009; when Jeannie, Chef Wan and gang met Laura and I when we just arrived in Rome. Chef Wan and all his antics. He used my Leica camera to take many pictures of us. Those were the days when cameras on phones were just beginning to show up. We went shopping at the streets which homed brands like Prada, Benetton, and Panerai. Eerrr…no; not Panerai. That was in Milan.

More of Italy to come, in time; untold stories and more pictures.

With the centurions on the first day in Roma.
Ok. You caught me with the chips.
On the Spanish steps? Why, in Rome, of course!
The Vatican on the first day in Rome.
The Parliament, and the Colosseum. Caesar’s palace is on the right (not in the picture). I found it very interesting to note how this whole complex was built with bare hands and no gadgets. Looking at he model of this complex at a coffee shop from across the street (this picture was taken from the coffee shop). A scaled model of this complex is at this coffee shop.

The chapel at the Rome airport.

italy; Film shot by Freddie. Feb 3 – 15, 2009. (2)


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Arrivederci roma, Mafalda Minnozzi

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