Mmmm…Only Cuppa Coffee


Mmmm…Only Cuppa Coffee

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Speaking of a Malaysian thing – Tan Sri Dato Seri Michelle Yeoh is the ooos and aahhs of news in Malaysia, possibly in South East Asia; even more in Hollywood. Yes, even in Hollywood. A girl / lass / lady from Perak (2); she has just won the Oscar for best actress at Hollywood’s Oscars’ 95th annual awards, recognizing actors, actresses and film etc. Congratulations to Michelle are in order for winning this and several other awards regarding film / movies, recently. She has acted in many great movies (I hear) alongside with star-studded actresses and actors.

Why “I hear” is because I have only watched two of her movies. One is with Pierce Brosnan in a James Bond movie driving around in a BMW 750i and riding a BMW 1200 Harley Davidson-styled bike. The other movie was Crazy Rich Asians. Both were excellent movies.

So, what’s this got to do with curry puffs? Nothing really. I guess it’s a Malaysian thing to get side-tracked.

The currypuff or “karipap hairstyle.This guy looks familiar.

In the 1960s and 70s; “currypuff” was popular with schoolboys. All wanted to have a currypuff (also known as “karipap”) hairstyle. With the help of a large amount of Brylcreem haircream to keep hair in place; the hair in front is combed back or curved to the side creating a puff shape in front. It looked cool then. Brylcreem made a killing in hair-cream sales. There are some guys still stuck in a time warp. You will know them by their “karipap hairstyles.

Oops! side-tracked again. Let’s just say this essay is the “un-cut” version.😉


Of late, something like (Not to worry. I am not about to get carried away with the use of this word) about a year ago, we (my wife, who is Jeannie; and I) have been buying curry puffs which are generally larger than their normal size. By this I mean. probably 2 or 3 times the normal size. All Malaysians and those in South East Asia will know what I am talking about.

Jeannie first started buying these curry puffs from a little shop located at the lower Ground Floor in Mid-Valley Shopping Centre (3). Those curry puffs are yummy. The quality of the product is always maintained – you are always assured of getting good stuff.

These fairly large curry puffs are sold in Aeon Big. Sold for US$0.78 in a packet of two, this is definitely value for money.

In these big curry puffs, you are assured of a generous slice of a hard boiled egg, together with chicken and curried potato in dried curry form. The pastry or crust that is the “body” of the curry puff is firm. Not like those very flaky type, pastries with very little filling inside (After a couple of bites, you can be forgiven if you ask, “Where’s the filling in this here curry puff?”). (Question mark?, quotation mark”, close bracket) full stop . – that’s a lot of punctuation marks)!! I think these curry puffs from the shop in Mid-Valley are / were selling for about US0.60 or RM2.75.

If I put these two words, “curry puff” together – “currypuff”, a red line underlines the word on my screen because it does not recognize the 2 words as 1. But, you, the reader; can’t see the red line, can you?

Curry puffs could be likened as a staple food in Malaysia, just like rice. You can have it to go with your coffee, tea, lunch, break, relief stress, add stress (for those weight watchers), dinner, midnight snack, anytime, anywhere food. You can find curry puffs in most bakeries, local and fine dine restaurants, supermarkets, shops, etc. Some of the best curry puffs are sold in little stalls by the roadside. They are usually made on the spot or are homemade.

One amongst the many that comes to mind was the one in SS15, Subang Jaya (4). This semi-permanent, makeshift stall was one in a row of stalls by SS15. Their hottest selling items were the kacang vaadai and donut (shaped like donuts with the hole in the middle) vaadai. There were long queues of people everyday, waiting in line to purchase these yummies. The guy would pack these two types of vaadai in brown paper bags. He would also include a generous amount of green chili padi and curry leaves to give the food a hot and spicy, flavored effect. After being in that location for well over 10 years, they are no longer there; hence the meaning of “semi-permanent, makeshift”. The good news is that they have moved into a shop of their own nearby. This same shop houses the famous SS15 rojak seller. I am not sure why but when there is an Indian rojak seller, there is a cendol (5) seller within the vicinity. The cendol does compliment the very spicy, peanut sauce rojak. Their rojak and cendol are bestsellers, too.

Home made. Made this during one of the many MCO’s in KL. Was craving for curry puffs and I had some puff pastries in the freezer. They were pretty darn yummy! ~ Sharon Ehler

Next on my list of must try are curry puffs with red and yellow sweet potato fillings; dried, spicy beef and chicken rendang fillings; and dried, spicy mutton veruval (6) with roasted cashew nut fillings. If you guys know where to get these, touch base with me to let me know.

More about curry puffs will be left for another essay / write-up. Let me know what types of curry puffs you like. What do you think about the more commercial flaky, pastry type or the hard, clam-shell type curry puffs. Are you in just for the fillings or does the pastry enclosure matter, too? Are you captivated or attracted to curry puffs by sight, meaning does looks set off your appetizer taste buds?

Till the next one.

1. Curry puff (MalayKaripap, Epok-epokChinese: 咖哩角,咖哩餃; pinyingālí jiǎoThai: กะหรี่ปั๊บ, RTGSkaripappronounced [kā.rìː.páp]) is a snack of Maritime Southeast Asian origin. It is a small pie consisting of curry with chicken and potatoes in a deep-fried or baked pastry shell. The consistency of the curry is quite thick to prevent it from oozing out of the snack. The pap or puff reflects the Fujian Chinese dialect 泡 (pop), which means bubble, blister and puffed. It is a truly Southeast Asian snack as it has Indian, Chinese or Malay elements.
In Malaysia, curry puffs are commonly known as karipap and sold freshly fried at many Malay, Chinese and Indian food stalls and even at trendy cafes.
In Singapore, curry puffs are commonly seen in pasar malams, bakeries and food stalls in shopping centres. Wikipedia

Ingredients for the general type curry puff

2. Perak is one of the 13 states in Malaysia.
3. Located in Kuala Lumpur.
4. Subang Jaya is a city in the state of Selangor, Malaysia.
5. Vaadai, rojak and cendol are local snacks and drinks.
6. Veruval is an Indian styled food usually a chicken or mutton styled dish and potently spicy hot.


It has been just over two weeks since I announced that I will be penning on paper…hold paper…tapping the keys on the Logi MX Keys to come out with an essay.

Along the way, other writing assignments and some on financial planning, too; came up that required immediate attention. They were urgent and important.

So, my karipap or curry puff story is coming up. working on it. looks like a mess. Got all the ingredients together but it seems to fall a part. Maybe, the dough is not right or the temperature to bake it.

While I’m working on it in this humid and I mean humid weather…Black rain clouds…lots of loud thunder, heavy rain for about 3.398 seconds…then the humidity…

Yeah, while I’m working on this article, I decided to have some Musang King (close to authentic Musang King durian) ice-cream to help neutralize the humidity. Then, followed by black coffee…

Musang King ice-cream

For those of you who have yet to try Musang King Durian ice-cream, go find some at an ice-cream parlour nearest to you.

Back to writing about curry puffs, a must have for Malaysians to go with their coffee, tea, lunch, break, relief stress, add stress (for those weight watchers), dinner, midnight snack, anytime food. And yeah… I am having some Malay kuih from “Ayunie Laura Kitchen“, too. Some of the perks for working late nights.

Love writing.

My workstation. Black coffee in a Hydroflask mug, some Malay Kuih from Ayunie Laura Kitchen, scribbled notes, Samsung S23 Ultra (May write about this phone – why this over the others). In the background is a St. Louis mug – a gift from a dear friend while we were in the U.S.

PASSION: Scene 1, Take 1

Be passionate about what you do. It will definitely make the work more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Live as though everything is rigged in your favor.

Since each next moment has not yet come, has yet to be lived, because it is the future; you create the scene. It is your script to write and act / live out.

Remember, it all begins with a thought.

For Sale Update: IPHONE 11 PRO 64GB Price Drop

Ad. was first put up on March 15th. 2023


This is Apple’s iPhone Pro 64gb. It is the right size for the typical iPhone user who wants an iPhone slightly larger than its original size but not too big.
It’s design is typical iPhone fashion. Guaranteed to please and delight

Apple iPhone 11 Pro
64 GB
Battery Life: About 95%
Colour: cream
Condition 9.7 / 10.
With screen protector
Cameras have lens Protectors
Like NEW. No scratches.
In the box:
iPhone 11 Pro 64gb
Earpods with lightning connector (Never been used)
USB-CUT Power Adaptor

Updated with the latest IOS 16.3.1 operating system

Free: Japanese Skinara protector case

This phone is my secondary phone (Spare).
Very rarely used.

Reason for sale : Bought new phone.
Price: RM1,600. Now: RM1,400 (excluding taxes and shipping charges for buyers from out of Malaysia)

Location of sale: Subang Jaya, Selangor. Please come and have a look at the phone and appreciate its excellent condition.


I am an unlimited being living in an unlimited universe. Endless possibilities.

My life is in my hands. I am creating my reality.

After all, we are what we believe we are.

So, put your life’s paintbrush onto a new white canvas and paint the picture of how you want your life to be. And live it. The best part is: you can paint as many pictures as you want; each one a masterpiece on its own. Connect each one as you are about to start living that masterpiece.

Writer, Author, Storyteller

Teach them deligently

LAURA ATKINSON: In Search of the American Dream


For those of you who don’t know, I graduated from Millikin University with a degree in Entrepreneurship in December. I am an international student from Malaysia, on an OPT visa, available to start immediately, and will not require an H-1B visa sponsorship until next February. I have spent the last five months furiously applying for jobs in Illinois and so many other states in the US. Each week, I complete an average of 2 to 3 interviews for various positions. Despite graduating with a 3.84 GPA, being involved in student-run ventures, multiple organizations on campus, and being a collegiate athlete for Millikin, I have so far been denied for many positions and have yet to hear back from many positions that I have applied/interviewed for.

Most of the positions I have recently applied to are part-time and pay minimum wage. They do not require high school diplomas or skilled experience.

Just over 3 and a half years ago, I took the risk of flying to a different country, almost 10,000 miles away from my family, my friends, my home. I was raised hearing that America was the Land of Opportunity, that if I rollup up my sleeves and put my nose to the grindstone, I could find a job that I love and a place to call home. I came to find the American Dream but am still searching for it. I am putting myself out there and applying for hundreds of jobs. I want to be able to give back to this country by working here, and my parents who are back home in Malaysia.

All this is to say that

A) I am in immediate need of either remote work and am willing to relocate to any state and

B) Many fresh international graduates want to work.

We are applying tirelessly to work and are getting rejected because we would require a visa sponsorship in the future. Even with jobs that do sponsor a visa, they require 8-10 years of experience. If you or someone you know is in charge of hiring at a workplace right now, I encourage you to consider hiring a young international person. We work hard to achieve our goals and now want to get hired.

Hire me, you’ll thank me later.

NOTE: Please help make this viral.


That’s a toughie! Almost a day does not go by when we are involved in a conversation or chance to overhear people talking about “woo-ing-men”. This conversation is either by men, women, or both.

So, we began to wonder why these people try to woo men. Sounds like getting them to fall into a trap. Many times they do.

Then, when you hear a conversation with “we men”, you may be forgiven to think that that’s all us men have to talk about besides, sports, drinks, business, gambling, investment and of course, women.

It all boils down to that – WOMEN.

The English language can be so confusking at times…well, actually most of the time.

Take the word, “Woman“. It is singular for a woman – a lady be she your wife, mother, sister, aunt, girlfriend. Woman is pronounces as “woo-man”, not “whoa-man” (sounding like this).

What is the plural for woman? Hang on to your seats…It is “Women” pronounced as “we-men”. Yes, take note of its spelling. It is not pronounced as “woman”.

So, ladies, gentlemen and those who rather not say, there you have it. A confusing word or words in the English language made simple to understand.

As this is International Women’s Day, I give recognition to the women who inspire me daily:

My wife, Jeannie; who has been by my side for over 27 years, supporting me in all my aspirations.

Laura, my daughter, who inspires me to think up new ideas and challenges.

My mother – who, by still making her world famous cakes, makes a statement that age is only a number.

Mother Mary, who has always been by my side.

The list goes on…

While this “celebration” or “recognition” is one day only, I don’t think it should be so. I think women should be recognized by merit in all that they do; every day. They are just as good or even better if given the opportunity to do so.

Celebrating International Women’s Day with Jeannie, we had dinner at Kar Heong Restaurant – Jeannie’s choice. The food was excellent. I had plain 1 ton noodles. It is Wanton noodles. Jeannie had plain Hor Fun (yes fun) noodles. The dishes we ordered were char siew / siew yoke; steamed chicken breast and tougey (bean sprouts). The condiments were the plain soup that came with my wanton noodles, the chili and ginger. The chili and ginger is a must have regardless of how crazy spicy they are. Perspiration for sure and tears streaming down faces for the uninitiated. The servings seem to be shrinking each time we patronize this restaurant. The prices remain the same.

Jeannie’s very green drink was umbra. Though one could feel the fibres going down as it was drunk, it was delicious. I went for the iced-coffee. Pretty good if I don’t say so myself. There wasn’t any after taste that many brands of milk have. So, I could actually get the taste of coffee.


With my two most favourite women, Jeannie and Laura. Perfect. This was Jeannie’s and my last day in Decatur, Illinois; just before heading to Chicago (December 31, 2022).
This picture was taken with a Samsung S21 Ultra. I wonder how much better it would be if it was taken by a Samsung S23 Ultra.

Dinner at Kar Heong.
I had plain 1 ton noodles. It is Wanton noodles. Jeannie had plain Hor Fun (yes fun) noodles. The dishes we ordered were char siew / siew yoke; steamed chicken breast and tougey (bean sprouts). The condiments were the plain soup that came with my wanton noodles, the chili and ginger. The chili and ginger is a must have regardless of how crazy spicy they are. Perspiration for sure and tears streaming down faces for the uninitiated.
Jeannie’s very green drink was umbra. Though one could feel the fibres going down as it was drunk, it was delicious. I went for the iced-coffee. Pretty good if I don’t say so myself. There wasn’t any after taste that many brands of milk have. So, I could actually get the taste of coffee.

Upcoming topic: Currypuffs

There are currypuffs. And then…there are currypuffs.

I will be sharing some thoughts on my recent currypuff experiences in an upcoming article that will be published real soon. Love the traditional…no, no, no. Nowadays, we can’t use the word “traditional”. That word is used even for homemade recipes. So, I love the simple currypuffs.

Send in your thoughts, experiences, pictures, recipes on the currypuffs that you like. I will try to include them in the article. You can send them to :