It’s Christmas time again… slightly less than three weeks. The shopping malls are crowded and businesses will be thriving again. The Mid-Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur (1) was no exception yesterday. Crowded. Christmas decorations everywhere, with huge themed displays in the Concourse and North and South courts (that is what they are named)… Many of the shops and stores were decked with Christmas decorations, too.

The Magic of a Smile, Zaltro 23, Pinero

Lots of purchases, were made, everywhere. I think people have come out to feel and experience the festivities after being locked in by the pandemic for almost two years. They have reason to smile again.

Christmas is way more than shopping or being with the crowds of the hustle and bustle of activities.

For Christians the world over, Christmas is the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas is about family; Christmas is about friends.

Hey! I am supposed to be writing this story about this long lost friend, Sharon; now found after more than 35 years, who lives in Germany presently. We connected over the past few days through Whatsapp. Loraine, her sister, was right – Sharon is a live wire! So, it seems I have veered off to Christmas. What is happening now is I am writing two articles at the same time. Haha.


Jeannie and I visited my mum and dad at their home in Klang last evening, as we usually do at least once a week. In the course of our conversation about Christmas this year, Jeannie volunteered to put up the Christmas tree and some decorations. My mum straight away said that dad did not want any decorations up this year. Dad added in saying, “It is a period of mourning that they want to observe for the passing of Jennifer and Nigel.”

Jeannie and I totally understand mum’s and dad’s wishes. We respect their wishes, too. They expect us to celebrate Christmas in our homes as usual. My siblings and I will still gather at their home in Klang for Christmas dinner as it has been tradition for years and years. And years (stronger emphasis).

Jennifer and Nigel pulled out all stops when it came to decorating their homes. It is safe to say that they usually started putting up decorations at least one and a half months before Christmas. Nothing was done haphazardly. They planned. They had themes!

A few years back, Nigel decked his house with enough Christmas lights, so brightly lit up; that it could be seen from outer space. His decorated house acted as a beacon of light like a lighthouse for spaceships travelling. Captain James T. Kirk of Starfleet Enterprise; told pilot, Sulu; to set course for the Enterprise, using Nigel’s lighted house as an anchor light; to travel to a new frontier where no man has travelled before.

Now, heaven is no longer the same with the both of them there. No longer on lofty, soft white clouds, only playing harps. Imagine heaven all decked up for Christmas – colourful decorations (yes, themed) with hundreds of millions of lights (LED of course, environmentally friendly). The Man is gonna have one heck-of-a electricity bill.

I know it is a bit early for Christmas. A few days ago, when my good friend, Richard Kok; joined us for lunch, we, as usual; talked about a variety of topics. We shared many ideas and views on these topics. I thought many of them could be used in my upcoming and future articles. By the next day, I forgot most of what we discussed about. I will have to get Richard to come over again to jog my memory.

While at Mid-Valley Megamall; I bought myself a Christmas present: the Thronmax Mdrill One kit. I like its versatility in recording applications.I see this Christmas gift to myself 😉 as useful.

So, I thought the best way of remembering is to record our discussion. Thinking bigger, I could explore a plan to have a podcast channel. I was toying with the idea of stating this middle of last year. Somehow, it remained just a strong idea, only.

This can also lead to exploring an idea of growing my YouTube Channel.

A Christmas present for work…

I stopped by at the artificial intelligence shop. Lots of seemingly cool gadgets… Nah! I’ll rely on real intelligence…mine! For now.

As we were coming back into Subang Jaya; there was one big, bright star, shining…

christmas star jupiter saturn
The Christmas star. A conjunction between Saturn and Venus in 2016. | NURPHOTO/NURPHOTO VIA GETTY IMAGES


  1. Kuala Lumpur – capital of Malaysia


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