I found this old draft of 3 year ago of my plans while searching up for something else on a different subject. I am leaving it in its original form without much changes, except for the here and there grammar mistakes. Grammar mistakes? What? Me make grammar mistakes? Hogwash!

Truth be told. At times, the keyboard goes off tangent and does its own things. Many times without my knowledge. If you believe that, then you believe that the cow did jump over the moon, while the cat was playing its fiddle.

Here goes:

5 days after turning 61 years of age, many would think of retirement. For many years, I have always told myself and my friends that I only plan to retire at 105. I have a whole lot of things on my bucket list that I want to do. I will be travelling next month and will be back in Malaysia by August 24th or 25th.

1. One of the first things I want to do is revive the volunteer standby group of donors of platelets and blood. We had this going for some years and anyone who needed donors, we always had a pool of donors to come to their aid. Anyone who wants to volunteer as donors can join us – this group of donors.

Clocked out after my last donation, 304th donation, on July 5th, 2018.

I, myself; did my last donation, my 304th donation; on July 5th 2018, as I reached the maximum age limit of donors. I am getting in touch with the National Blood Bank to check if I can continue donating as my health is way better now, since I walk a minimum of 10km a day. I visited Sime Darby Medical Centre, Subang Jaya’s blood bank last week. They welcome me back anytime. According to their records, I am still their top donor in terms of number of donations. Records are meant to be broken. I hope many more will come forward to offer themselves as regular donors.

2. Encourage parents of young athletes to constantly support their children by giving them all the support possible, like taking them for training on time, all the time, constantly cheering them on in all they do. I will relate more to swimmers’ parents (I have had over 10 years of experience 😁)

3. Finish writing the book I started a long time ago. For now, the only thing or things I jot down are ideas that come to me, zany or otherwise. I got this reminder from Dato’ Patrick Grove – founder of, who also writes down things.

4. Read more. I am reading Anthony Robbins – “UNLIMITED POWER”. Good stuff. I read about 4 books at any one time: one book when I travel on public transport, one at home, one on the “throne” and one on marketing. I think the Americans are the best, most innovative and hip about marketing.

5. Pick up my old Adamas guitar and start learning to play it again. I love the Adamas – not the conventional type guitar.

Similar to my Adamas

And the list goes on….. Many, many more things I want to achieve. 

It looks like many of these things listed here 3 years ago, are still on my list, as I hold them dear to me. Writing that book: story of my life. Anyone want to co-write with me?

A picture of me, together with Jeannie and Laura, when I was 61 years young.

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