Jeff and Alfredo – The two uncles

September 26th, birthday of 2 uncles – Jeff and Alfredo. Uncle Jeff was from my dad’s side of the family and Uncle Alfredo(he was known more as Alfred to us) was from my mum’s side of the family. Both of them,  not with us anymore. Both remembered vividly with fond memories (sometimes not, because they could be  very strict at times). Both used to come with their families  and visit us in Klang very often during weekends and holidays.

Uncle Alfred used to talk about music all the time. Its natural. He is a Gomes. What to expect. Music is in their blood. Together with dad and mum,  they were among the pioneer framework of the choir for the Assumption Church, Petaling Jaya in the early  1960s. Of course,  Uncle Alfred was blessed to have Aunt Margarite. She is always smiling, always seems to  break the seriousness of things down to laughter.

Uncle Jeff had a peculiar, high pitched laugh at times. He was always up to mischief, no thanks to Aunt Val. She was always the mastermind behind all this “mischief”. I won’t go into details as it would mean I’d have to write this in volumes. Being with Uncle Jeff meant listening to songs by Tom Jones,  Englebert Humperdink, Glenn Campbell, etc.. He touched Jeannie and I most by making it a point that he and Aunty Val travel from Perth, Australia to attend our wedding, even though he was going through his illness.

Just in case you are wondering, both Uncle Alfred and Uncle Jeff did have kids – our cousins. Virginia, Valencia, Renato, Veronica, Colin and Calvin are Uncle Alfred’s; and,  Brendon, Shenton and Duncan are Uncle Jeff’s.. My sister, brothers and I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with our cousins –  many, many, many fond memories.

Happy Birthday Uncle Alfred and Uncle Jeff. You are remembered always.

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