The time is 12.42am. As I sit here, staring at the computer screen with a blank page open; I am having writer’s block. I know what I want to write about with regards to Tudor, but I have been staring at the screen, hoping to get the title for this article. I get up, walk to the kitchen to get a sip of coffee. I try not to keep the coffee at my work station with me to force (encourage) myself to take a break of at least 1 minute away from the screen every half hour (studies show that this is good for our health – bluff?). Hang on, hang on, another break is scheduled for right about now….

Earlier on, last night; I met with Eddison, while on my walk. I was more than half way through my 15 kilometer (km) distance when we started walking together and chatting. I see Eddison quite often. He is either tending to his cars or the plants in his garden. He is proud that his fig trees are growing very well. He accompanied me right up to the completion of my 15km which meant he walked 6km. We had a good light-hearted chat. Two nights ago, he accompanied me for about 5km.

Maureen Hackett – Hackett Landscape Design, Inc.

One of the most detailed and well kept gardens has to be Edwin Lin’s garden. I met with him at the start of my walk yesterday. He goes to great lengths to make sure his garden and sidewalk area are maintained to his standards of perfection. I have seen him up on the ladder trimming a high bush, or on the ground trimming the grass. Just the other day, I saw him use an electric lawn mower to trim the grass on the sidewalk to his level of perfection, which is very high. It looks like every blade of grass is of the same length, groomed neatly in place.

While talking with him, his opposite neighbour, who is my neighbour (he always calls me “Josh” – it must be because Josh Groban looks like me… with his curly hair 😉) too, down our street (very “American” instead of “road”); came over to us and gave each of us some mangoes from his beautiful mango tree. He spends a lot of his time taking care of that tree. The tree is fruiting in abundance.

I meet a lot of people on my walk every day. Not too long ago; I saw Liz going for a walk with her son and daughter. Her young daughter can be seen from a distance because she has a smile brighter than 10 sunlights. I can tell that Liz is a good cook as I am treated to whiffs of delicious food just been cooked whenever I walk past her kitchen.

One of the most frequent persons I meet almost everyday along my walk is Contractor Teoh. He is the chief of security for our Tudor community. He is always jovial and says he will walk with me. He is giving me enough time to train and practice first before he joins me. I must train harder. 😅

Our Tudor community is a little, private enclave; situated just outside the city centre of Subang Jaya, camouflaged by many other houses surrounding it.

As of yesterday, the peacefulness and the garden-cy sights of the area, has been infiltrated or “invaded” as some may think so, with the dark yellow “transfo-bots”. Could they be robots in disguise – the Predacons? Megatron, Devastator, Nemesis Prime or worse… Overlord? No.o,o,o,oo. They are the good guys – the JoKeRs, here to resurface our streets (roads) for the first time in 28 years. We can expect a hive of activity, noise and the smell of fresh tar over the next few days. Looking forward to a re-fresh-ed look after the whole exercise is completed.

Josh Groban – You Raise Me Up


This is the second episode of the Tudor-ian series; the first being, “THE WALK IN TUDOR”. More to come.

Maureen Hackett, – 21 Willow Road, Bronxville, NY 10708

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