Hey guys. I’m not feeling too well – down with the flu. I have resisted anti-biotics so far, due to the fact it would upset my platelets donation schedule. One has to be clear of any light medication (heavy stuff is obviously out) for at least a week before donating. I don’t know if I can stay away from the antibiotics for long, as my flu has not improved much.

I am very concious(for myself, at least) that even I day’s now and any delays in future could reduce the chance of someone getting help – probably saving a life. Each of us has a maximum age limit to donate.

I am very, very, very passionate about the probabilities of helping someone seriously ill or saving another life. This is the smallest gift I can give to people whenever possible.

In a nutshell, I am trying to get at least one new person to become a donor, possibly a regular donor.

31st December, 2014; marks 26 years I have been donating. Till todate, I have donated 226 times. You can read an article I wrote, [entitled “That’s one more and counting(saving lives with platelets)] on my blog – Its about 25 years of donating AND REALLY, there is nothing to it. No side effects, etc. Just saving lives.

If any of you know anyone else who can donate, ask them to go the nearest hospital to them and donate. As our population grow, the need for donations become more accute.

Please note that I do not work for any organisation nor do I want any form of credit if someone or some or many people can donate blood or platelets. Its the natural thing to do.

Thank you. God Bless you all.

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