My sister….my sister…. Jen has always been the one overshadowing me in our growing up days. She has also been responsible for getting me into all sorts of trouble, right from the age of 1+. Mum told us that Jen (who was 2 years old at that time) fed me with some horrendous medicine, trying to pacify me. It seems she was imitating my mother who used to feed me gripe water(that’s a knockout). One time when dad and mum weren’t home, when she was 3 years and I, 2; just before Christmas; she led me to mum’s and dad’s bedroom (their bedroom was locked to keep the two of us out) through the connecting bathroom(sneaky, isn’t it?) to the wrapped up Christmas presents. She led me to tear open the wrappers, saying that it was ok to do so. She lied. I think I got the whacking of my life (haha boo hoo). (To the best of my knowledge, just in case she wants to throw the “anti-fake” joke at me).

It was like this all through our young days. In school, I was known as Jennifer’s brother. Many of our birthdays were joint birthdays. Our actual birthdays are 4 days apart. No we are not twins. She is a year and 4 days older. It shows, yes?

Fast forward, she is going to be 61 years and I, 60. Last year, somewhere in February; Jen broke the news to us that she was suffering from 3rd stage cancer. All of us(the family), tried to be calm and not over react. Jen immediately took charge of the situation and decided that she will take the non-chemotheraphy way. She also has the greatest faith in God’s healing power. She has continued to live life to the fullest, enjoying every single minute of it.

Sometime, early this year, she was told the situation was 4th stage. Again, she took charge of the situation, found the necessary type of treatment needed and embarked on it.

It has been really tough on her. She endures all the treatment and suffering that comes with it. She has many full days of treatment that she has become exhausted. I have donated platelets and blood for hundreds of people and yet I am helpless to my own sister.

Jen is one tough nut to crack. She is a HEROINE. Though she has loads of support, she is fighting the actual cancer battle on her own. Her will to fight and the stamina to see it through is God’s blessings. The support she needs continuously is prayer and funding for her medical treatment.

I love you, sister!

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