It’s a heartache! Nothing but a heartache! Oh the pain!

The lights were off. It was near total darkness, with the exception of the tv set which was on. I had turned off everything at my workstation, got up from my chair; took one step towards the living room to watch a bit of tv.

I heard a loud thud! I turned around and looked on the floor. There was my Samsung Fold 3, in a galaxy of its own. I did not see the charging cable that was plugged into it to charge it, of course. It fell from a side table, 15 inches high. My foot got entangled in the loop of the cable and tugged at it, bringing the Folding Fold Folded 3, crashing to the floor.

It landed on it’s spine, which is the mainframe of the phone. I felt the $$$ pain.

The first thing that went into my mind before I checked it to see if it was alright, was a conversation I had with the Samsung representative during the launch at the 1st generation Fold in 2019. He said the cost of replacing each of the two inner panels would be RM2,500 (US$550), excluding service charge.

I picked it up, inspected it, gingerly. Of course, by this time; I switched on all the lights for maximum brightness. First glance, it looked ok. Inspected the inner “glass” panels, and then, the outer panels. All was ok. Phew! You can say that again. Phew!

The Fold 3 still has to be handled with more care than the standard, ordinary, everyday run-of-the-mill smartphone because of it’s movable parts.

I would still advocate you to switch to the Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 if you are in the market for a new, premium, top-of-the-line, flagship smartphone. Unless, you decide to go for a new fruit phone that promises you two year old technology at the very most. In the folderable smartphone category; the bite-in-the-fruit brand promises you technology of at least 4 years or older.

Bonnie Tyler – It’s a Heartache.

This article was totally unplanned for, on the spur-of-the-moment when I had to do while on a banking errand. Don’t get me started with that. I mean I had to go online, book an appointment, was punctual on my arrival and still had to do the usual process that I normally would do without having to book for an appointment. That meant I had to wait which I did not mind. So much for booking an appointment.

I know that I should have more wireless charging pads placed all over the house for easy convenience of wireless charging. The catch is that the wireless charging pads are connected to the power sockets with cables!

“It’s A Heartache” by Bonnie Tyler came to mind when I started writing (“keytapping”) this article. Adding her “apt” video here, it is the first time I have seen her. She is stunningly beautiful. I knew of her popular songs from the 1980s and 1990s, but I have never seen even a picture of her as far as I can remember.

I hope that you the reader, viewer, listener have enjoyed this article. Perhaps, providing you a short break from your heavy day, even to stop for a few moments to live in the present. Leave a comment in the comment section.

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