So, all this boo hoo hoo about Lewis being robbed, stolen, cheated… and the list goes on… of an 8th title.

Sir Lewis Hamilton, 7 time Formula 1 World Champion 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017 -2020; Steve Etherington, Goodwood

We still have yet to see / read concrete evidence that Mercedes stomped the floor and insisted that the marshals insist Lewis gave back the lead he gained by going off the track in the first half dozen turns of Lap 1. Neither did they insist of Lewis getting a 5 second penalty for doing so.

If you watched just before the last lap shoot out – Mercedes did not object to it before the lap started, nor during the lap. Why was that? Was it because Lewis was in the lead of that lap? And they expected him to win?

Whatever controversial decisions may have been made by the race director, both teams accepted whatever the outcome that was to come from that said final lap before it started. Would the same boo hoo hoo guys be boo hoo hooing, hoping if Lewis won the last lap under the given circumstances?

Whatever remnants of the so-called sportsmanship that Lewis appears to have displayed after the race, is fast being washed down the drain by his and his team’s actions.

Max Verstappen achieves new milestone in 2021 season
Max Verstappen – Formula 1 World Champion 2021. Image AP (1)

It is a message that carries forward to anyone buying a Mercedes Benz vehicle – expect to accept all flaws with it and not make a noise about it… warranty or otherwise… because Mercedes Benz will then say, “it is unfair…” Even though there is a warranty, they won just by selling you a vehicle with all its flaws. And you should accept it.

And the team and their fans demand a change! Now, there is a new FIA committee, and Lewis did not attend the gala, and (another “and”) there is a penalty for not doing so; are they going to accept it based on the fact that the new committee will strictly follow the rules? Or is there going to be a “I don’t care” and not bother.

What is not good for the goose is good for the gander?

Chill guys! Lewis did not have to go for the 8th. But he did. He should enjoy whatever results he got out of it. This season proved that Max out won him in almost every area. Give that guy credit.

Mercedes team PR campaign that is going on now, “Lewis may not come back again” to play on the feelings of his fans, is nothing more than just a publicity stunt. He already did that last year, delaying signing the 2021 contract, until a few short days, just to stoke anxiety feelings of his fans. So, second time round now, is crying wolf! (pun intended)

If ever, Sir Lewis had even an ounce of chivalry on him, he would declare “let’s race 2022 for the 8th!”. Otherwise, just quit and “Next!”.

No way, am I belittling Lewis or ignoring his accomplishments. I think his fans and his team should do the same. He has to start behaving like a 7-times World Champion.

Sebastian Vettel – 4 times – Formula 1 World Champion 2010 – 2013; Twitter
Kimi Raikonnen – Formula 1 World Champion 2007; Car.Scoop

In fact, he should work with Max, the new World Champion; towards some off-track community work to give credibility to the titles they, including Seb, Fernando and Kimi have earned. They all have earned their rightful place as World Champions. Congratulations to all!

Fernando Alonso – Formula 1 World Champion 2005 & 2006, Autosport


  1. Kartnik Nair, ‘Max Vs The World’: Verstappen Has Led More Laps This F1 Season Than All Drivers Combined; republicworld.com

My next car will be a Merc when I am in the market for a new car. It would be refreshing.

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