At 33,000ft

298 people had their lives snuffed out because of a war; a war that didn’t involve these 298 people,  a war that the 298 people did not interfere in, a war that shows that mankind are still barbaric in so many ways.

These people on MAS flight MH17 had their lives robbed from them because of a war. War in itself is wrong,  no matter which way you look at it,  no matter how many  reasons are attached to it. War takes place when people stop talking to each other. War takes place when greed is involved.  War takes place where there is jealousy. The vast majority of  people involved in conflicts around the world really do not have any idea why they are fighting or what they are fighting for. Many have a “herd like” mentality and are easily swayed into believing  that killing and destroying another,  is the only way. Many, of sheer innocence; are automatically  in  the  middle of  conflict just because  “they  are  in  the  wrong  place  at  the  wrong  time”.  MAS FLIGHT MH17 WAS IN THE WRONG PLACE AT THE WRONG TIME.

SORRY?  HONOUR AND RESPECT are earned, not forced upon through wars. Now,  that this catastrophe had taken place; how is justice going to be served on the perpetrators? Yes,  bring  justice upon them. But killing, for sure; is  not going to be the answer. It’s not going to bring back the lives of the 298 people.

If there are going to be disagreements, fight with your mind and your mouth. Be intellectually sound. The moment it gets physical, you’ve lost control and have lost the “fight”. “Sorry” is a very expensive word. Nobody gets paid.

Can we ever imagine a world of peace? Can we imagine a world of all people caring for each other? Is this possible?  You better believe it is!  It begins with you and me,  with us and the people around us. We, who are safe enough to demand for a world of peace; grieve with all those who have lost their loved ones on MAS Flight MH17.

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