Dec 29th 2021. I just moved my Logitech K-380 key board 1 inch to the right→, again. A few minutes ago, I moved it a couple of inches to the left, slightly away from me↸. A few minutes before that, I moved it to the right→. Trying to fit it spot on 🏆 with the framework of my screen and the angle I am sitting in.

At the corner of my eye (literally) my left eye, that is; the yellow Christmas tree lights on the Christmas tree are blinking in varied intervals, creating patterns. Beyond that, pass the glass sliding door, the diamond shaped light-blue grill-gate, stretching further, pass the garden and drive-way, the front gate, across the road, pass the front gate of Aunty Vimala’s house and her drive-way; the yellow lights hanging from her porch ceiling are also blinking.

Dec 30th 2021. Just after lunch. Thought I would go out for my 15.6km walk now. But my Samsung Watch 4 Classic is, of all times; low on juice and needs to be charged. Hope to start my walk by 3.00pm. The sky is grey with rainclouds hanging around. Nice time for a walk. While looking out the glass sliding door; I had flashback memories of when I was 11 or 12 years old. It was like me looking at this scene and at the same time, though my eyes when I was at that age – another day-dreamer episode? It was a scene of me lying on the floor near the collapsible gate (this acted or was the grill for the front door), looking out at the bright, sunny sky; with the formation of various cloud shapes.

I was also playing with several diecast car models – they could have been Dinky, Corgi or Matchbox brands – I am not too clear, as they were Malcolm’s car collection, not mine. I followed after dad’s interest in building Revell and Airfix aeroplane model kits. I remember someone gave dad a container ship model which had a motor that came with it. Dad was working in the port in Port Klang, so this was a replica model given by a shipping company of one of its ships. I think the company was OOCL, I could be mistaken. After all, it was a long time ago. Anyway, I built (assembled) the ship.

3.09pm. My Samsung Watch 4 Classic is at 91% charge – more than enough to see me through the 15.6km distance. The weather seems to be holding up.

10.57pm. Did my 15.6km walk, showered, had dinner and rested for a bit. Jeannie is out for dinner with some of her close friends. So, that leaves me here with you, the reader.


After I hit my target of 100 articles; I just sort of took a step back from writing for a few days. A break. OKaaayyy… my Christmas holidays. Though I was not writing, I was not really doing nothing. I was kind of restless – as you can imagine from the paragraphs above where my mind wonders off.

I started off with the first few lines of my book. Seems sort of jibberish. Not too sure how to go about this book. I have thought of the title, though I don’t think it’s gonna stick. I know it has to be 130,000 words, so that accounts to something, I guess. I was thinking fiction, reality-to-fiction; or fiction-to-reality. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve been asked by many readers of my works, and people who have yet to read my essays but hold me to the 2021 new year’s resolutions I made at the end of 2020; whether I will continue to write articles since I will be focusing on my book. The answer is “Yes”, I will continue to write articles. People from over 30 countries are reading these articles. These articles are available for the rest of the world to access them.

I have received personal messages from people telling me how my stories have impacted their lives and brought them fond memories in one way or another in their own lives, too.

Many of my articles published; have pushed me to research and gather information. Chen Cuifen, and The Brick, to name a couple; are amongst those with some research done.

2022 is about to grace itself on us in less than seven hours. It is “that time“…. New Year’s Resolutions. Happy for many, there will be those with good intentions by making resolutions, others will jump on the bandwagon in making resolutions to be with the “with it” crowd; then there will be those who will do nothing.

I… I look forward to making resolutions as I find it difficult to live in a haphazard life, not knowing whether I am coming or going. I have many more things that I want to do and achieve before I retire at 105 (that now seems to be the earliest age set). OK, I will start first:

My 2022 New Year’s resolutions are:

  1. To write and publish a book of at least 130,000 words. My secondary goal is that it will become a bestseller for a movie.
  2. To continue with the goal I set out in 2020, i.e. to be completely debt free. The last two years has brought remarkable results.
  3. To bring down my weight to 70.5kg and be disciplined at maintaining it at that level, from the current 71.8kg – 75.3kg.

While the temptation by many will be to start working at these New Year’s resolutions on January 3rd since January 1st and 2nd is the weekend; I have already started by mapping out my plans. I cannot let 2 days slip by me. I find the challenge exhilarating!

I will also be introducing an idea and promoting it to a group of people. It looks like the idea is an uphill task but this project will promote safety and help prevent possible catastrophes.

I would like to wish everyone the world over, Happy New Year : “HOPE”. With it comes Peace and Joy!

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