Why “leatherpotato” and who

Why not?

Name : Alan Ian Atkinson
Birthday : July 10

Leatherpotato is blogging about almost anything….well, at least; for now.

I figured that putting my time into this is more rewarding than writing in the various social media, which will get lost in the overwhelming crowded pages of all those social media sites.

I decided  to start a blog  on  my  own so  that  everything current  or  reasonably current, would be easily accessed to, if and when I want to do so. I had/have this problem with blogging on some social media platforms.

Anyway, I have arrived at “that”  age where scores of people tend to pen or finger-scribble on electronic screens (Ok ok…. I’m one of them) their thoughts  of life : what it has been, where it is now and where it is heading to. So,  I will spend time writing/finger-scribbling.

Subjects or topics will vary. It will be light reading (I hope). For now,  I’m learning the ropes and hope to improve as I write/finger-scribble more.

With Jeannie (right) and Laura. Inspiring me! “You’ve got this!”

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LIFE IS SUPER FANTASTIC!!!  Live life with passion. Have fun.


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