My 6-in-1 pack, yes, I do have 6 packs but I have stored them into a single pack for easy transportation of self.

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about having some sausage rolls. I mean some really good sausage rolls.

I was first introduced to “sausage rolls” at my cousins’ birthday parties. Richard’s, Neil’s, Judy-Ann’s and Francis’ birthday parties many years ago; in their childhood birthday parties, always had sausage rolls as one of the food dishes, amongst the cakes, ice-cream and drinks. Their mother, my Aunty Maureen, who is my dad’s sister; used to make the best sausage rolls on this side of the planet. I wonder if they still remember. Lovely lady, bless her heart. I have the same birthday as her, July 10…Ahem!😂

She used to make mini sausage rolls. She used canned mini sausages. And her secret was in the pastry. It formed firmly around each sausage, not hard, not flaky. The pastry used to have a slight shine when it was just out of the oven, freshly baked. OK. Maybe, it is a combination of the sausage and the pastry, both at its optimum level of taste.

Somehow, I may be right to say she made her wonderful sausage rolls because she knew I would be at the parties.😉😅

The so-called sausage rolls these days when you ask for them, are actually sausage buns. Obviously, bakeries or most of them, do not seem to have a clue when you ask for sausage rolls. It’s because their mammas don’t dance and their daddies don’t rock n roll. Just so you know that’s a special ingredient for making ’em delicious sausage rolls.

And the sausage is boiled (looks that way) instead of frying them.

I think the perfect mini sausage roll will have a firm pastry. The pastry should not be hard, but breaks in your mouth when bitten. It generally will have a slightly shiny surface, and baked to a slightly brown shade.

Picture this: Sitting down, unwinding from the stresses of life (for some. Those with purple Lambo Hurracans and wear $1,500 batik shirts – no stress). With a nice triple shot expresso (I know – should just get a big glass: “bro kopi-o kaw kaw, gelas besar”), accompanied with a small plate of half dozen or more perfect sausage rolls.

I came across this recipe for mini sausage rolls by Beth Sachs. Not exactly what I am talking about. The pastry looks the crumble type. The sausage looks home made. All the same, they sure look good.

Her recipe is in the notes below. Do head on to her website for many, many more recipes.

With all the eating, even if it is moderately, I will still go for my walks. I have reduced the daily distance by about 25% to 15,000 steps, which work out to about 11 kilometers.

It’s mid-week. Prepare for the days to come and the week heading towards the weekend. So have fun, let loose and rock n roll.🎵🎶

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Check out http://www.effortlessfoodie.com for Beth’s Puff Pastry Sausage Rolls recipe. There are many, many more wonderful recipes on that website.

Kenny Loggins and Messina: Your Mama Don’t Dance

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