Laura celebrated her birthday by having some of her school and swimming friends and her cousin, Sarah; meet her at 1Utama Shopping Centre. They all enjoyed themselves.

Why exercising? Well, walking from one end of the mall to the other, then back again can be quite a feat. Nigel dropped off Sarah at our house and she hitched a ride with us to 1U. There, we had to round up Laura’s friends : We picked one of them up from PapaRich and the others met at Starbucks (in my time it was the “Rock Corner” – Chinaman’s coffee shop). From there, it was to the bowling alley, then KFC for lunch and birthday cake cutting; then Jalan-jalan. They enjoyed themselves.

In the meantime, Jeannie went galavanting on her own to her fav shops. For me, it was pretty simple; I headed to the tech shops. There weren’t many.  Plus,  the tech guys seemed to have gone into a lull with regards to new stuff. The current “hoo-hahs” are Wristband health trackers or glorified pedometers as some people call them.

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