Nigel Edward Atkinson

(24th April, 1960 – 11th August, 2021)

Nigel, with his derby cap

Here I was, about to release my blockbuster of the week article with a little sense of humor (at least to me); and you decide to crash in, or check out, whatever it may be; without saying “bye” to all of us. You did not pull the rug from under us; you pulled the whole floor! (I would like to add a few cheeky words, but best not to; though you’d agree and laugh whole heartedly!)

Growing up with Nigel, was colourful, to say the least. He did things first, including his fist; then talk later. His friends in school… La Salle School, Klang had a subsidiary at 21, Jalan Ladang, Klang – our house. It was a very comfortable house with a large garden surrounding it.

Our house had a badminton court, too. You guessed it – Almost everyday, we had 30 or 40 boys – Nigel, Terence, Malcolm and my friends at our house. Jen and oh ya, my parents had their friends and family over, too but not as consistent as the guys from La Salle. We had badminton on the court, hockey in the garden at the side of the house, table-tennis (mainly Malcolm’s friends) – it was a daily hive of activity, from morning to night.

Nigel has always been a vain pot. Hmmm…. sounds familiar. Aah yes… our late sister, Jen. I used to say that “no camera could ever escape Jennifer.” It’s true! She was always insistent that we take loads and loads of pictures, especially at our very oft family gatherings.

Coming back to being a vain pot; you’ve always been a poser, Nigel, making sure you always looked good in the shots. Here, you were more a perfectionist and because of your eye for detail; you always made sure you looked good for every picture taken.

Nigel, from young, always had to look good.

Nigel was a stickler for being tidy and clean. When he arranged things in a particular way, it stayed that way. Nothing out of place, even the tiniest object, would escape his eye. Friends and family would often, purposely put Nigel to the test by moving things out of place. He would walk by these things, and instinctively move them back to their original positions. Another quirk he had was that the kitchen sink had to always be empty, cleaned and dried; before going to bed. All things in it had to be washed and put away. He would do the washing of dishes himself; to make sure the kitchen was tidy.

Nigel loved a good family gathering. You just have to call and he, Shirley and Sarah would be there. And when there was food; it had to be Asian – rice being the primary dish. He loved spicy, Asian food, especially the wide variety of Malay food.

Nigel, sitting behind the table, Jennifer is forth from the left and the rest of the Atkinson family. This picture was taken in 2018 when our cousins came visiting from Australia; special visit to Jennifer. Seated from left: Virginia (Australia), dad, Veronica (Australia), Jennifer, Uma. Standing at the back: Tim, Alana, Ashley, Mabel. Back rear row: Terence, Mum, Valencia (Australia), Audra (Australia), Ray. On the floor from left: Jeannie, Malcolm, Nigel (behind the table), Shirley, myself, Laura and Sarah.

Nigel did not have much material wealth, but he always gave more than his heart, always! He was generous to those in need. His friendship reached far and wide to Affendi – a gem of a guy and trusted mechanic, the plumber, the electrician…and the list goes on. In fact whenever we needed repairs to be done in the house or car, or needed to get something at the best price with trustworthy services, we will turn to Nigel for his contacts and recommendation.

Here, just after having lunch with Chef Wan at his restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. It was more than just lunch. It was entertainment. Chefy had lost none of his “charm” after all these years. Jeannie introduced Sarah, a budding chef in her own right; to learn from Chefy – his experience as a world renowned chef. He holds no punchlines and cakap faster than a speeding bullet train.
I know you will love, this Nigel. I think Laura was about 5 or 6 years old and Sarah was 8 or 9 years old when this picture was taken.
Nigel, his usual self – looking at his best!
Not adding this, his Mercedes Benz W123, would be a story left untold. Nigel has always loved Mercedes Benz. He laboured over this car to bring it to showroom condition.

Nigel loved to sing, besides being the live wire in any conversation or party. He was always full of jokes and always shared jokes in our family Whataspp group. The only thing he watched on tv were comedies. He will rattle away all the episodes that he had just watched, the actors, actresses and their punchlines.

The Atkinson brothers – barbershop quartet? R to L: Terence, Nigel, Alan & Malcolm
You would think this is Nigel singing as he often sang this theme song at our family gatherings. One of the tv shows he loved watching most.

I know that no matter how much I write, I say or I do; it is never going to bring you back. Ever. I love you, Nigel!

No matter what, you come back now, yer hear!

8 thoughts on “Nigel Edward Atkinson

  1. A good write on Nigel, will miss him,..
    The Mercedes he took me and my 3 boys for drives when ever he was giving it a drive passing my house..As a Family member he was what I call Family Buddy… A warm family member and a real frie d at the se e time…. Warm to every one, to kids as well. Where ever you go if he is there, you will know it… And he will take the effort to come up to every one. Lovely Guy…

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  2. A good write on Nigel, will miss him,..
    The Mercedes he took me and my 3 boys for drives when ever he was giving it a drive passing my house..As a Family member he was what I call Family Buddy… A warm family member and a real friend at the seme time…. Warm to every one, even to kids as well. Where ever you go at any party if he is there, you will know it… And he will take the effort to come up to every one. With all my time with Nigel never have I heard a bad word for any one from him. Lovely Guy…

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  3. I am deeply saddened by his sudden passing.
    My deepest condolence to you, your parents and siblings. Please also convey same to his wife and children.
    He will truly be missed. Lord bless you all and keep you safe.

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  4. Hi all….my name is Gurdev in short Dev…we ..i mean from La Salle Klang are a group of almost 30 guys…n we were close to Nigel.
    We before Covid came along used to meet up ever month in Klang if not all but surely 10 to 14 pax. And Nigel was present for at least 95 per cent of the time.
    We are his batch mates n some of us classmates, nonetheless Brothers …we have n will never forget Nigel ..his jokes n liveleness….We miss him dearly….n we have in our circle of friends offered him our prayers…..gone too soon..but the Almighty decides.
    I remember on a personal note..many a time i sang with him the Beverly Hillbilles song…i could go on writting..but i will end here …to his beloved wife n daughter…stay strong n keep the faith
    Signing off….La Salle Klang 1960…..

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