Cor Blimey! The S 8.4 is gorgeous!

The tablet has come a long way since  the Ten Commandments. Back then, people used a stylus, too. It was the only way to input in the “tablet”. Fast forward to 2000 when Microsoft, together with computer manufacturers; introduced the modern tablet. They actually hoped that people would spend their life savings, or pawn their valuables, or worse – take loans to purchase those incredibly expensive machines they introduced. They were slow,  pen screen writing was inaccurate at best and they were heavy. Though it was a good start, it soon faded away. 2009 saw the introduction of the iPad which revolutionized what a tablet could do and at prices the masses could afford.

About a month ago,  Samsung introduced their Tab S 8.4 & 10.5. Nothing surprising,  as Samsung has been churning out new tablet models so frequently. But every introduction of a new model by Samsung showcases their superiority in this area.


This bronze model is simply gorgeous! It’s ultra thin, narrower, and is lighter compared with the Note 8.0. The flip cover, which is a matching brown; is snapped on to the back of the unit into the two round button-like sockets. It’s still ultra thin with the cover on.

No full body protection.


Being the overly protective type of person to all these gadgets, I  would usually insist on having a full body case for added  protection. But this S 8.4 should be left as it is with this original flip cover. It feels solidly built.

On the switch…..

Powering up the S 8.4 revealed the glaringly bright screen. It’s a good “problem” because even after reducing the brightness level to less than half; the screen was still decently bright.



The super (presumably this is where the “s” from its model prefix comes in) amoled screen is amazing. It is  sharp and clear from almost any angle. It’s worth your love.

The colours on the screen are over the top – they are just too much. My first impression was “anime” colours. On spreadsheet, the colours seem to be neon in shade. Looking at pictures and photographs, it is not too bad,  but you are not going to wysiwyg.


Using the Tab

This, I believe is the most comfortable sized dimensions to hold and use the S 8.4. I’ve been working on this article with this Tab: holding it in my left hand and writing with my right hand.

I like the side bar of apps that come out from the right by just pulling across the screen from right to left. Nice impressive tray of apps for multi screens. The usual menu, start,  on/off buttons are in their usual place.

The 8mp rear camera is pretty good,  partnered with a 2.1mp front camera. Yet to be fully tested.

The biggest letdown for this Tab is that you cannot work with files on the SD card as they are read only files. A message keeps popping up that Android’s kitkat 4.4 is the culprit to this. This is reminiscent of the Tab 7.7, which had exactly the Same problem. Purchasers are not going to care who the culprit is. They just want to use their tab. So,  what does it  mean when they advertise that this Tab supports memory cards of up to 128gb?

After having used the S 8.4 for a few days, I would say I’m pretty impressed. Good performance &  battery life, nice to hold, nice to look at and newer interface

Should you get one?

Yeah. Go for it!


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