What a Day it Was

Having reached Amcorp Shopping Mall early, Jeannie and I had to lug all our wares from the carpark to the third floor. We set up our booth, arranged all the things that we were putting up for sale. Then, waited.

It wasn’t too long before Farid, our first visitor to our booth came along. We had a good nice chat, exchanged views and talked about the things that we put up for sale.

Not long after that, the kacang putih booth was set up and ready for action. Their various muruku and other Indian snacks are delicious. Temptation… temptation… haha!

Slowly but surely, visitors started streaming in to our booth. The Hotwheels cars was definitely an attraction as my collection that I put up for sale are at least 15 years old, still in their packs. More interesting…they are rare.

Another eye-catcher were the key-rings and keyholders. They were also rare, where most of them are 35 – 40 years old and rare.

People from the other booths came visiting, too. It was a real fun atmosphere. I dare say that our booth was the nosiest of the whole place, lots of loud laughter. Plus, I put the folderable table-piano on demo, so there was some music filling the air.

Liam, who studied in the U.S. came along. We had a nice chat on his studies in the U.S. and what he is doing now. He picked up a HotWheels semi-rare car. Then, there was Sam, Tan, a gentleman with his young children who helped him pick some Hotwheels models and key-holders.

Jeannie was outstanding as a promoter of our products. She took time to talk about and educate some people about batik, especially her batik cape pieces. She demo-ed her special batik cape, the likes of it has already made their way to the U.S., Singapore, Australia, Japan, New Zealand.

Jeannie is the renowned batik influencer. If you want to get your hands on one of these one-of-a-kind design per piece, in the world batik capes, you better come over tomorrow to Amcorp Shopping Mall to get your hands on at least one of these batik capes. Very limited pieces available.

Listening to “Men At Work” while writing this essay. They are so today as they were 40 years ago. Sidetracked. 😁

Patrick, Hazel and Mary Archibald dropped by and picked out several keyholders. Before long, Richard Kok came over with his grandson. Then, Jonathan who plays the drums and sells guitars, dropped by. He, too; picked out a Hotwheels rarity. We had Saras and Mohan, too.

We took the time to explain to people what Leatherpotato was all about and what it stood for. People scanned the QR code that we made available for information. For sure, there will be many new readers from today’s activities at the booth.

We started packing up and closed our booth by 5.30pm. It was a tiring, yet exciting day; where we were privileged to meet some readers and make new friends in the process. We thank all of you for coming over today and look forward to seeing you again tomorrow, as some of you have indicated that you will come over again.

Tomorrow, our second day of running the booth, promises to be even more exciting. Besides bringing many more possibly rare Hotwheels cars, we will have even more collectible bags, special key-holders from BMW, Mini and Jaguar. And for those of you who ask if I will sell my miniature Yamaha Harmonica key-holder; it is still not for sale.

There will be rare pens in the sales line-up: a 1998 MDRT Parker Duofold ballpoint pen, a 1991 Christian Dior, slim, ribbed Silver ballpoint pen, and Cross pens; too..

So, come on over where we can meet and you can support Leatherpotato.com . I definitely love to chat and get your views.

We will be at
Booth # 3.08, Level 3,
Amcorp shopping Mall
8, Jalan, Persiaran Barat, Seksyen 52 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: April 2, 2023
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm (can be extended to 7.00pm)

The money raised will help cover most of the cost of running Leatherpotato.com for the coming year and to explore ideas and ways of taking Leatherpotato to the next level.

I look forward to meeting you there. Peace to all of you ✌️

Latest update: The folderable table-piano is sold!

From right to left: Patrick Archibald, Richard Kok and his grandson, and yours truly.


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