Let’s Go Shopping

We had lots of fun with our “MEET WITH ME SESSION” gatherings last month, where our renowned Batik Influencer, Jeannie Ong; and me (Alan), from http://www.leatherpoato.com; met with so many wonderful friends and made, many, many more new friends, too.

Jeannie shared her views on the beauty of batik, the colours, patterns and designs that create vibrance around it, batik for all occasions, be it formal or casual; batik every day. She has a growing following as a batik influencer.

I shared the reasons for starting http://www.leatherpoato.com – to make a dent in the world, to shift the mindset of people’s thinking during the Covid-19 pandemic, where everything seemed to have been spiraling out of control, downwards. I believed that as long as there was a tomorrow, there was hope and that we should all hang on to that belief.

Now, the pandemic has been put out and world order seems to be restored; I still wanna (in the word family of “gonna, gotta”) write. I am having an immense amount of fun on working on each new article and publishing them. Oh yeah…I still wanna make a dent in the world. The journey has changed a bit. However the general direction is still the same.

I met with many subscribers and readers of leatherpoato.com. I learnt about many values that people hold close to them and treasure. They shared how articles they had read from leatherpotato.com resonate in their lives, too. While they shared stories about their lives, ideas for new essays started lighting up. I noted them down in the ideaSketchpad💡. Now, the ideaSketchpad 💡is overflowing with storylines, so much so that I am not sure which I should start with first, as all of them have merit.

At the same time, there were many people who were interested in the things we put on sale, too. The Hotwheels cars are a winner, that’s for sure. There are many who are enthusiasts and just collect these vehicles as a hobby for fun. Then, there are the serious collectors. There were a couple of them who showed me pictures of how they “Hotwheelsed” their living room walls in their homes with Hotwheels cars. These are more than just the serious collectors. They have spent a pretty penny on their hobby.

We are having a “MEET WITH ME SESSION” this weekend (May 27th and May 28th) at Amcorp Shopping Mall where Jeannie and I will be there to meet with you.

Jeannie will continue to focus on promoting the “localness” of her “La” Batik Cape Creations. She will be showcasing her latest in designs.

We have three Samsung Galaxy smartphones, one of which is a new A14 5G model, and a new Samsung Galaxy Watch5 (unopened box) up for sale, among the Hotwheels and many things that we are putting up for sale, too.

Laura, who has just returned after having studied abroad for nearly four years, will be with Jeannie and I at Amcorp Shopping Mall; too. She will share her experience of living away from home, adapting to a new life, culture and skills. She will also share what it was like being a student swim athlete, having represented Selangor for several years and then being on her college team. If you are a student or student athlete who is thinking of studying abroad, you may have a question or two…or more, for Laura.

Come meet us. Together, we can explore new ideas.

We will be at:

3rd Floor, Amcorp Shopping Mall,
Booth 3.08, Level 3
Amcorp Shopping Mall,
8, Jalan, Persiaran Barat, Seksyen 52 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: May 27 and May 28, 2023
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm (can be extended to 7.00pm)

See you all, there, this Saturday (May 27th) and Sunday (May 28th).


While penning this article; I was listening over our Google Home Mini to songs sung by the late, the great, the legend in her own right – Tina Turner. She coloured the world with her wonderful songs – her voice and the way she sung them – unmistakably Tina Turner. May she Rest In Peace.


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