Some of the toughest moments in life is being you…yourself.

Be the “you” yourself. Don’t let nobody take that away from you.

Starting each day, people… you… tend to put on a different person than yourself, a person you think that people.. .other people that is; will accept, invite and include in their circles of society. When you come home, and here home means getting away from the limelight of everyone else; you are totally exhausted. You remove the shackles of the “other person you started out your day as” and think, “Why can’t life be this simple?” Aha! It can!

Then, you start the next day, putting on the “costume of that other person”…you know… the one you want others to recognize you by..

This happens to the best of people. People are bamboozled into a make belief life through all sorts of schemes, advertisements, social media…the fancy lifestyles, flashy cars, mansions, wine and dine all day long.

Yes, being someone else that you may not enjoy, is tiring.

Try being “you” for a change. It might just do the trick. And you may like it, too.

Am I being someone else when I write? 😉

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