In order to get ahead, and stay ahead; You’ve got to beat the competition: YOU!

The question should be, “How can I be better than the last or previous me, which was the best a moment or second ago?”

There really is no such thing as a plateau or “maintain” my self-being as I am.

If we are not challenged or do not challenge ourselves, we may fall in the trap of being stuck in the past.

Or is the competition that great?

Life should be based on kaizen, or continuous improvement. Aim at being the better of you.

Doing your best is an excuse! Challenge yourself to do better than your best. Add that special agreement of “having fun”.

Are you game?



Happiness has its own set of problems.

It is contagious. Happiness is a “bug”. It is infectious. Spreads beyond our control. Spreads by sight. Spreads by sound. Spreads by feelings.

Happiness absorbs all spoken languages. It is understood in all languages. Happiness says a lot even without having to utter a word.

Not having plenty in worldly possessions does not hinder you from having plenty in happiness.

Happiness is over-flowing in abundance. It is not far away, it is everywhere.

Just reach out and “touch” it without having to physically touch it.

The greatest thing about happiness is the ability for it to be shared by you, to others.

Press the “ACCEPT” button in your life to activate happiness.

Writer, Author, Storyteller

P.S.: Remember to take your daily dose of Vitamin “h” for happiness and spread it to others.


Some of the toughest moments in life is being you…yourself.

Be the “you” yourself. Don’t let nobody take that away from you.

Starting each day, people… you… tend to put on a different person than yourself, a person you think that people.. .other people that is; will accept, invite and include in their circles of society. When you come home, and here home means getting away from the limelight of everyone else; you are totally exhausted. You remove the shackles of the “other person you started out your day as” and think, “Why can’t life be this simple?” Aha! It can!

Then, you start the next day, putting on the “costume of that other person”…you know… the one you want others to recognize you by..

This happens to the best of people. People are bamboozled into a make belief life through all sorts of schemes, advertisements, social media…the fancy lifestyles, flashy cars, mansions, wine and dine all day long.

Yes, being someone else that you may not enjoy, is tiring.

Try being “you” for a change. It might just do the trick. And you may like it, too.

Am I being someone else when I write? 😉