Sunday, at Booth 3.08

3rd Floor, Amcorp Shopping Mall,
Lot 3.08, Level 3
Amcorp Shopping Mall,
8, Jalan, Persiaran Barat, Seksyen 52 Petaling Jaya, 46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Date: April 1 and April 2, 2023
Time: 10.00am to 4.00pm (can be extended to 7.00pm)

Raising funds for possible new plans / ideas in store for

Time: 8.45am. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. The sky was clear blue. There was a slight cool breeze blowing, keeping the otherwise humid weather, cool.

Jeannie and I lugged our two large luggage bags, along with many other woven bags of things to sell, and piled them in the car. By 9.00am, we were on our way to Booth 3.08 at Amcorp Shopping Mall.

Traffic along the Federal Highway was light and smooth. We reached the mall in almost no time at all at 9.15am.

Having becoming more familiar with the mall after having been there the whole day, the day before; we found an elevator close to where we parked our car. This made moving our things from the car to our booth very much easier, especially because the distance was reduced to at least half.

Our booth was set up within half an hour as we had pre-planned the arrangement of the things for sale.

Jeannie all set to tango.

Our day started right about 10.00am itself. We had our new friend from yesterday, Farid as our first visitor to greet us.

Me, with some of our earliest visitors. Farid is on the right.
Jonathan, who picked up more Hotwheels vehicles to add to his collection.

Jonathan, who purchased a couple of Hotwheels vehicles yesterday, came by again, being one of the earliest and purchased a few more Hotwheels vehicles.

Another gentleman, who came by with his wife and two children yesterday, and purchased several Hotwheels vehicles and keyholders / key-chains; was one of the first to visit us this morning, this time without his family. He purchased more keyholders / key-chains. The ones I put up for sale are at least 30 years old. One can tell that these decorative devices to hold your keys secure, was of a different era just by looking at the locking mechanism. Today’s rings are the “coiled, leaf-type” rings.

A 1st generation Mini Cooper (when they were on the streets in the 1970s and 1980s) and the 1st generation of the current Mini Cooper series, both Hotwheels models; were quickly snapped up by another buyer.

We were as noisy or ever more noisier than yesterday, with lots of activity and laughter.

A gentleman, with his young daughter; after just acquiring the Casio TM-100 microphone watch. This watch comes with a retracting aerial, which when extended; can connect to any FM radio with the right FM frequency. The “FM mic” can be tuned to the FM radio and the radio becomes a speaker. I purchased this watch in 1986. As the watch was handed over to the watch shop owner by the CASIO dealer representative; I told the watch shop owner that I will take it. So, this CASIO microphone watch never even got to be in the display showcase among the other watches of this watch shop owner.

En Shauqi and his wife, very happy with this brand new THULE bagpack which they had just acquired.
Hotwheels enthusiasts browsing through the collection on display.
Some of the Hotwheels and other makes on sale

Jeannie. the batik influencer, was busy demonstrating her beautiful and unique  “La” Batik Cape Creations to the many ladies of all ages, and even men who wanted to purchase these as gifts for their wives, mothers and friends.

Jeannie, modelling one of her creations.

We had Shyleena Faridah Hope, CEO of Mrs Asia Worldwide(M), stop by and acquire one of Jeannie’s “La” Batik Cape Creations. She was very “chic” and friendly, an interesting person.

R to L: Shyleena Faridah Hope, Jeannie and me

A popular social media influencer on Instagram, deadpudds, who is a cosplayer, content creator and artist; visited our booth, 3.08, together with cabibibi, another popular social media influencer.

Deadpudds acquired another of Jeannie’s “La” Batik Cape Creations. She looked fantastic in it. There was already a gathering of some of her social media fans lining up to take pictures with her.

Popular Instagram social media influencer, Deadpudds; modelling in one of Jeannie’s “La” Batik Cape Creations.

L to R: Deadpudds, Jeannie and Cabibibi, as Jeannie helps show the 4 different ways of wearing this “La” batik cape.

Popular Instagram social media influencer, Deadpudds; with the “La” Batik Cape she acquired. Nice choice, Pudds.

Renowned artist, Eddie Lim and his wife; came to visit us. Known as “Mr Eddie Lim”; he is known for his many, many paintings in contemporary and modern works. Eddie and I were classmates in La Salle School, Klang; since we were 10 years old. Eddie’s work is simply amazing. His paint brushes captures and translates his thoughts on canvas.

Eddie Lim with his wife; and Jeannie and I.

We continued to have visitors right up to our closing of our booth.

A late in the evening, visitor; acquiring some key-holders / keychains.

When we were closing up, Jeannie and I spent time with our very friendly booth neighbors. The Ipoh muruku was made by Shanti herself. Best muruku in town. Shanti and her husband, Mohan; come down every Friday to Sunday to sell their delicious snacks here,

Our neighbor, Jay; with his very sophisticated and premium transfers / stickers, which he can do on the spot. He does a lot of corporate orders.

Our neighbors on both sides, Shanti & Mohan; and Jay; help make our Saturday and Sunday, here; very enjoyable.

It was an experience to remember. Jeannie and I had so much fun running this booth. We raised a good amount of money from the sales of our items. This money will be re-invested in Leatherpotato.

I had an amazing time meeting with many of Leatherpotato’s subscribers / readers. I learnt so much from them – their views, experiences, how they relate to the many articles that was published. Definitely mission accomplished.

We have had and still are receiving requests for us to run the booth again. We are definitely considering this option. Keep a lookout for a notice here informing you of our options. We look forward to seeing all of you and lots more people there when we set up again.

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