Time: 4.15pm. Left the house in USJ Subang Jaya, enroute to P.J. At the traffic light intersection near USJ 4/1; a container trailer and truck (Cab head), was creating a scene. While doing a U-turn maneuver at the intersection; the trailer dislodged from the truck and buckled on its stand legs, tipping over to the left dangerously, with the possibility of flipping on its side.

I thought that this incident (not accident), was sure to cause a massive traffic jam on my way back home later in the evening.

I did the couple of things I wanted to do in P.J.. Then, I picked Jeannie up from her office just after 5.00pm.

I informed her about the truck and container trailer incident and the “for sure” jam we would face. Bad enough, we had to snake our way through the fastest routes or least amounts of P.J. traffic jams.

I suggested we go for some ice-cream as a pre-celebration to her birthday tomorrow (Jan 19th). So, we went to The Ice-Cream bar which was sort off on our route to go home.

To calm our nerves a bit and set us in “relax-mode”; our ice-cream came with a bit of liquor. We ordered “Chocolate Baileys” and “Crunchy Coffee Whiskey”. Both flavours were excellent, with the Chocolate Baileys coming in a bit strong. The “Crunchy Coffee Whiskey” was more balanced and less strong in taste. The crushed nuts in it seemed to have created the balance.

The Chocolate Baileys on the left, and the Crunchy Coffee Whiskey on the right.

We spent about 45 minutes at The Ice-Cream Bar. When we got into Subang Jaya which was about 6.30pm, the traffic jam did not seem to let up. So, we made a “B-line” to The Taj Curry House in SS12.

I had a couple of roti canai and Jeannie had a tosai. Both our orders came with the usual 3 small side dishes of curry and sambals. We also ordered “chicken very well” more commonly know here as chicken varuvell which was spicy at just the right level. Food was great as usual.

And for their new waitress who thought she was some kind of diva…

The Ice-Cream Bar is definitely a great way to get off the beaten traffic snarls and stress of Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya.


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