I watched this movie on my flight, coming to the U.S. a few days ago. A bit slow in th beginning, but great movie all the same.

It begins in the mind. From a thought..

When artificial human Meredith gets assigned as a companion to grieving widower William, it’s designed to behave like his late wife. However, in the fight to end AI exploitation, an underground organization attempts to sabotage Meredith’s programming. It soon begins to question reality as memories of a past life begin to resurface in a world where nothing is as it seems.

A well produced and entertaining thriller with great performances that build a human/AI world where everything blurs between what is real and what isn’t.

I am totally for technology advancement. I believe it can and will advance the standards of living for mankind.

On the flip side:

I am an advocator of strict regulation and control on the use and production of A.I. and its uses to prevent the complete destruction and extinction of mankind. You don’t need nuclear warfare to bring mankind to an end..


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