IT IS HARD: to forget, to apologize.

It is hard to save money.

It is hard to avoid mistakes, to keep out of a rut. To begin all over again. We try.

It is hard to think of others first, to be unselfish. Yes, it is hard to make the best of all things.

It is hard to be charitable.

It is hard to keep your temper in check at all times, to think first and act afterwards; instead of on impulse. It is hard to shoulder the blame.

It is hard to maintain a high standard.

It is hard to keep on staying the course with your dreams, ambitions, goals; when the journey leading towards them is filled with obstacles and roadblocks, where the finish line is no where in sight.

It is hard to admit error.

It is hard to forgive.

It is hard to take advice.

But it pays!

fig. 1

fIg.1 Quotemaster

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