You know, it feels great when you help someone out. It even goes a long way when you don’t know that person.

The meaning of giving is when you don’t expect anything back in return. Sometimes, it would include not getting a smile, thank you or a sense of gratitude.

I never really understood the meaning of “You get more when you give”. When you give, it is because you want to give.

The recipient of your kindness does not have an obligation to accept your gift from your giving. He may not want it He may feel embarrassed. He may feel shy.

Therefore, giving may seem simple but it really is not as it involves 2 actions:
1. The act of your giving.
2. The act of his receiving.

The moment you give with the expectation of receiving something back in return; then it becomes an “exchange”. You do something expecting something back in return.

You will also have to discern people who are “takers” – people who make use of other people’s kindness and generosity.

Some givers are very good trumpeters. They are loud in their giving – louder than the hitting of gongs, louder than clashing cymbals.

There was a charity drive to raise funds for the destitute and poor. These people lost lives of family members and friends in a recent severe flood. This flood devastated their homes and livelihood. The people lost all their possessions (which meant the world to them) they had.

There were a very rich man who responded to this charity drive by donating $1 million. There was a lot of press media coverage, fanfare and advertisement about this very generous gesture he made. Donating this amount of money did not lessen his financial standing in any way.

Then, there was this lady who donated 2 cents. She was really embarrassed about only giving 2 cents. It was the only money and real possessions she had. She was in dire straits, financially. But she still gave.

Who gave more?

With money in his pocket and the poor with an empty pocket. Who gave more? Medium.

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