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It was another fun weekend at Amcorp Shopping Mall recently. This mall is renowned and famous for its “Flea Market” weekends since the late 1990s. This is a haven for collectors where one possibly can find almost anything from the past and present. Anyone who is on a hunt for a precious collectible, may be able to come across someone selling it at this flea market.

Jeannie and I decided to put up a booth, here, again. However, this time we were on the second floor, a one floor lower from where we operated a booth on 4 previous occasions (2 Saturday & Sunday weekends).

Our booth, 2.04; with a wide variety of our collectibles on sale. On the left is Jeannie’s (the batik influencer) “LA” Batik Creations, a unique batik cape. Each design has only 1 batik cape in the whole world. One can be assured that there are no 2 pieces of the same design.

A wide variety of collectibles including Hotwheels vehicles of over 20 years, sets of vehicles from movies of James Bond, Barbie’s Hotwheels, CARS and Transformers. There were also vehicles from Corgi Junior, Leyland and others – many of these brands no longer exist today. For Instance, there is a 1979 Leyland truck which has “Read Marvel Comics” stickers on both sides of the truck.

Jeannie, the batik influencer; with some of her many “LA” Batik cape creations.

Elaine Ng, with Jeannie and I

We had visitors, interested collectors of Hotwheels and other brands of diecast metal vehicles; and customers that started coming to our booth almost from the very moment we started our business.

Amongst the earliest was a pleasant lady, Elaine Ng. The moment she saw my surname, “Atkinson” on my http://www.leatherpotato.com QR code, she said, “Oh, you are Eurasian”. And that started a nice chat about her coming up from Johor Bahru to Petaling Jaya for the reunion of a very famous Malaysian music group of the 1970s and ’80s – The Strollers.

Buying a birthday gift for his wife.

I told her I knew Michael Magness when he was in staying in Klang at that time, which then led to you know this person, and that person is related to so and so… Elaine’s mother is Eurasian. We found that we had many common friend connections. She bought one of Jeannie’s “LA” Batik Cape creations as a birthday gift for a relative that was going back to Melbourne, Australia.

Jeannie’s “LA” Batik Cape caught the attention of a young couple. Jeannie demonstrated how to wear the cape. The lady really liked the cape. She chose a particular design that she liked. However, she said she would think about it.

A short while later, her friend that was with her when she first visited us, came by and purchased the batik cape. He said that his lady friend’s birthday was in two weeks and decided to buy the cape as a birthday gift for her.

Jeannie and I enjoyed engaging with all the people who stopped by at our booth. We talked about family and things we liked. I explained that most of the things that we put up for sale were from my years of collection. From the things that were on sale; one could tell that I collected many things. Most of my collectibles were in mint condition. We made many new friends. We were having fun.

Jeannie demonstrating how her “LA” Batik Cape can be worn for different occasions.
She watched Jeannie’s demonstration with great interest.

Choosing from the various designs.
She modelled. And a stunningly, beautiful model she was.

With the “LA” batik cape she purchased. Professor Dr. Joanne B. Y. Lim

We had a lovely lady with her two teenage children, stop by our booth to look at Jeannie’s “La” Batik capes. Jeannie demonstrated the four ways that this cape could be worn, for formal as well as casual wear. This lady, Professor Dr. Joanne B. Y. Lim; tried on a cape of her choice, modelled in it, this way and that way; and purchased it.

We got to talking and found out that Dr. Joanne has many, many accomplishments, including writing on a wide range of subjects. One of her many projects she is working on is an mHealth app to recommend plant based diets to cancer patients. Wow! It is amazing. We will help in any way possible to spread the good works of this mHealth app.

A Hotwheels happy customer.

Some of the Hotwheels and other brands of diecast vehicles on display. Many of these vehicles were collected over 10 to 20 years ago.

More from Hotwheels including Barbie doll Hotwheels. In this picture, it shows a display of James Bond vehicles, Transformers and Cars from the Movie, “Cars”. Near the teddy bear, there are miniature BMW cars with a pull-and-let-go powered mechanism, a collection of some BMW key-rings, classic rare pens, a nearly 20 year Swatch ladies dress watch and a BMW sports kit bag. This BMW bag is sold. The KFC Colonel Sanders collection on the left, is sold; too.
Miniature BMW cars with a pull-and-let-go powered mechanism,

Jeannie demonstrated how her “LA” batik cape could be worn to many people. Her whole range of batik capes were sold out. There were some ladies who even made bookings for these capes. Jeannie was having a ball of a time, talking about batik and demonstrating how her batik capes could be worn.

One very happy customer with the BMW bag he has just purchased from us. Azman, who drives Mercedes, liked this bag so much that he had to get it. Azman goes deep sea fishing for relaxation.

The BMW bag that Azman bought. He got this brand new, unused BMW bag for an attractively, low price.

Time flew by when we were having fun. For Jeannie and I, meeting new people and learning so much from them about their cultures, hobbies and expertise in the various fields of work they are involved in was so gratifying.

We would also like to thank all those who came in support of http://www.leatherpotato.com by meeting and chatting with me. Thank you, too; for your interesting suggestions of topics to write in up-coming essays. We will collaborate with you on pointers for these essays.

By the way, the big green dinosaur seen in the pictures here; is sold.

We take this opportunity to wish our mothers (Jeannie’s and mine), Jeannie, who is Laura’s mother😁; and mothers all over the world, “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY”.


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