LEATHERPOTATO is going to be two years on the scene soon. I have had thousands of views from Over 75 countries.

From sharing my food experiences like cafes, restaurants and curry puffs to tech stuff. I figured I’d do something different. It’s a sort of an experiment.

I will make an announcement tomorrow. It’s going to be fun.

We can share ideas and views, too. For example: A.I. or Artificial Intelligence is the buzz phrase of the last 3 years. It was announced a couple of days ago that Elon Musk lead a large group of NGOs to warn of the dangers of the:
1. acceleration in the development of A.I.
2. if it got into the wrong hands,
3. it must be regulated
4. worse – if it cannot be controlled.

I have shared my thoughts and views on A.I. months ago. I have shared my thoughts and views on the over-dependence of the ever increasing intelligence of robots.

I will fill you in on the details tomorrow, March 31, 2023. Come and meet the renowned batik influencer, too.


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