It has been just over two weeks since I announced that I will be penning on paper…hold paper…tapping the keys on the Logi MX Keys to come out with an essay.

Along the way, other writing assignments and some on financial planning, too; came up that required immediate attention. They were urgent and important.

So, my karipap or curry puff story is coming up. working on it. looks like a mess. Got all the ingredients together but it seems to fall a part. Maybe, the dough is not right or the temperature to bake it.

While I’m working on it in this humid and I mean humid weather…Black rain clouds…lots of loud thunder, heavy rain for about 3.398 seconds…then the humidity…

Yeah, while I’m working on this article, I decided to have some Musang King (close to authentic Musang King durian) ice-cream to help neutralize the humidity. Then, followed by black coffee…

Musang King ice-cream

For those of you who have yet to try Musang King Durian ice-cream, go find some at an ice-cream parlour nearest to you.

Back to writing about curry puffs, a must have for Malaysians to go with their coffee, tea, lunch, break, relief stress, add stress (for those weight watchers), dinner, midnight snack, anytime food. And yeah… I am having some Malay kuih from “Ayunie Laura Kitchen“, too. Some of the perks for working late nights.

Love writing.

My workstation. Black coffee in a Hydroflask mug, some Malay Kuih from Ayunie Laura Kitchen, scribbled notes, Samsung S23 Ultra (May write about this phone – why this over the others). In the background is a St. Louis mug – a gift from a dear friend while we were in the U.S.

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