A rich and successful businessman took two of his top candidates out for lunch before deciding who would get the job.

Both of them had the same top marks and performed equally the same in all areas.

After lunch, the businessman chose 1 over the other.

The disappointed candidate who did not get the job, then asked the businessman why he was not chosen. After all, he and the other guy had the same qualifications and skills.

The businessman replied, “when your meals came, you immediately added pepper to your food before trying it. The other guy tried the meal first before adding seasoning to it. We were looking for someone who is willing to try out new ideas.

Last Sunday while I was out for breakfast with my family and friends; I remembered the story above. When our orders came, almost everyone began adding something to their food, whether it was salt, pepper, tomato sauce before actually tasting their food first.

I tasted my meal first. Tasted good. Did not need to add anything to improve on the taste.


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