A dream remains a dream unless you act on it.

Laura was like any other 12 year old girl, back in year 2013. Maybe, a bit different than most others. She had goals and she had determination. When she was 9 years old, she declared that she wanted to be a world champion swimmer. Three years later, she was still as determined as ever in getting there.

Her coach told her that she would need to go to the U.S., to train amongst the best to have a shot at being world champion. That is what she decided she would do.

Laura quickly rose the ranks to be amongst the top 3 breaststroke swimmers for her age group in Malaysia. At the same time, she kept abreast with the latest swim developments in the U.S.

In 2019, she was focused on Entrepreneurial Studies and swimming. Millikin University was the perfect fit.

Millikin University presented her a programme which allowed her and other students to explore, grow and develop ideas and at the same time, pursue competitive swimming, representing Millikin Swimming.


Laura Kristen Atkinson; B. Sc. Graduate, Millikin University
Dec 11th, 2022
With our ever gracious hosts; Dr Molly and Dr Alan Duesterhaus
Laura, with her college mates: Pete, Amanda and Kelli
All of us

Now, as the next phase or chapter of her life begins; Laura is actively working towards achieving them.

So, if your young child has fuzzy ideas, and says that he wants to be a paleontologist, or an inventor that will come up with a control to keep all A.I. machines in check; or she wants to be a world renowned fashion designer; help them develop that interest. You may just never know…



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