Malaysia is a country of festivals.

When I was in school, all I knew was festivals usually meant holidays (yay!), a never ending variety of great food, meeting and spending time with family and friends. Festivals usually meant vibrant colors. And, I love the color of life.


Today, we celebrate the “Festival of Lights”, where good triumphs over bad. Here, when I say, “we”; it means that Malaysians love to celebrate festivals, not so much just to celebrate a festival, regardless; but to celebrate with our friends and family. My good friend and Tudor neighbour, Teoh; in his excitement to wish everyone celebrating Deepavali, sent me a greeting, too.

Teoh’s message to me last night.

This is how it is here, where we look forward in celebrating the many faceted cultures with the people around us.

Coming back to school days, you would think we guys would be fed up of seeing each other almost everyday in school. Then, on a holiday; we are together again. But it never seemed that way.

Parents and other family members always greeted us warmly.

Deepavali, The Festival Of Lights, was a celebration no different in terms of joy and festivities. Admittedly, at that time, we never paid too much attention to the meaning where “good triumphed over darkness”. For that matter, we never paid too much attention to the meaning of many festivals. We looked forward to the food. Where there is food, there you will find the La Salle boys. I used the “present tense” in the last sentence because that statement still holds true, even today.

A variety of delicious sweets and snacks

We were in each other’s homes so often that parents knew us by our names. We guys really had a great time as schoolmates. Our teachers knew us by name, usually for a couple of reasons. One was we were saintly students, the other was because there were some of us who were rascals. I highly doubt the first reason.

A rare picture – Chef Daphne at work. The question is when is she off work? 😉

Malaysians love to eat. Every opportunity they can get will almost center around food.

Jeannie and I as parents, have been involved with our daughter, Laura’s; competitive swim racing activities and fraternity for over 12 years. This I can say: There is an awesome, and I mean awesome friendship that we have with other parents and officials and organizers of swim championship competitions.

In Selangor’s, for that matter Malaysia’s swim competitions and officials fraternity; when the name “Daphne” or “Jeyamani” is mentioned; everyone knows of the fiercest, strictest chief referee. She is the referee that seems to be at any part of the pool deck at all times, to ensure a perfectly run meet. Off duty, she is one of the friendliest and funniest people around.

She also fantastic cook. Come Deepavali; we get to try the many, many dishes that she somehow manages to whip up.

This is a picture showing just some of the dishes that Daphne cooked at a previous Deepavali gathering. Yes, I know. It is evident there is the touch of a chief referee – everything is labelled and neatly organized.

Jeannie, dressed for the occasion.

Jeannie and I, wish all friends and relatives celebrating Deepavali; a very happy and joyous Deepavali.

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