As I sit here, in the banking hall of a local bank, like a fly on the wall; watching everyone come and go, the behinds of people as they lean against the tellers’ counter; trying my best to stay cool as I wait my turn for the specific counter, waiting…waiting…waiting for the very, very old (by her movements) elderly lady; I try to get things done.

Now, you may ask, “What is the difference between an old lady (or man) and an elderly lady (or man)?” Well, let me tell you. A person can be one who is 25 years old but behaves and moves like one who is a 100, that has a saline bag attached, and uses a walk cage to move around. An elderly person may be 85 years old but behaves and moves around like a person of 50 years.

Though I am filling up my time with things to do, working on my Fold 3 (1) flipped open, checking messages, going through my agenda and tasks for today, and working on this article and on any other “bright sparks” that may be an opportunity for new article start-ups; I just can’t help think that I have been waiting for more than an hour.

Though ordinarily, I would be fidgeting and all flustered up by now; I am trying to understand this lady and her transaction. I am sure she does not want to spend that long a time at the counter; and standing to boot. She is, after all; getting her things done. The teller is assisting her the best she can.

As I said, being “the fly on the wall”, quoting the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II, has its advantages; I think. I get to see the comings and goings of people.

I have just completed the draft of an article, no not this one; another. This is still work in progress as I write. Hope to publish this later on today as I have other appointments on after this.

Waiting and watch the world go by….that could be a past time. As I watch men, women and children of all ages and their mannerisms; sometimes I am fascinated by their behavior even for the littlest of things. This can only happen when you are seated and waiting.

I guess for me, I am gathering light bulbs of ideas, but most times they are only scraps. My ideaSketchpad 💡is quite full of jagged thoughts, spilling out of make-belief pages, but then again, it can never be too full. It seems to have an enormous appetite for more ideas and thoughts. Like a jigsaw with a billion pieces.

Yes, heaps full to put in the book that I am to write – the same “book” I embarked to do at the beginning of this year. It does not seem to be enough, yet, I don’t seem to know how to “connect the dots”.

While I can say I have not got the book together, because it seems like it is a whole lot of work, I have been gathering material. The latest is some information from my aunt in Australia about the time when she and the family (she being the youngest in the family) moved from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur. And the reason they moved to Kay El? Read about it in the book that is to come.

More to come…

So, have I used “like a fly on the wall” correctly?

1. Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 smartphone (Tablet?)

Queen Elizabeth II said, “I’d love to be a fly on the wall…”

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