At the age of 42, George Sand, the famous 19th century French novelist, was a broken and depressed human being. (She had adopted the male pseudonym to cover the fact that her novels were written by a woman.) Her personal life at this time had fallen apart and she was the victim of severe personal criticism from powerful and influential people of France.

One day, feeling low and melancholy, she wandered into the woods near her home where she had played as a child. Seated there on a boulder she thought over the past, and tried to analyze her personal situation. After some time she reached a conclusion that was to go on and write another 50 plays and novels. The decision was this:

“Henceforth I shall accept what I am and what I am not. With my limitations and my gifts, I shall go on using life as long as I am in this world and afterwards. Not to use life – that alone is death.”

There are times we lose sight or even get distracted along the way to the destination, i.e. our goals; our ambitions; we set out to reach. It seems like forever before we reach these goals or ambition.

There are people who have arrived at their destination, missing the deadline they set. Some people may have arrived at their destination only to find out that it was not what they envisaged it to be.

Many become disillusioned or even get depressed like George Sand. “Now what? Where do I go from here?”, they ask themselves.

If or whenever we feel that whatever we do seems to be heading in “no direction” or we begin to question the meaning in our life; it is good to put a “pause” in all we do, take a step back, reflect.

Not reaching a personal goal by a deadline does not mean you have failed. It may mean you did not set the right date. We may not be experienced enough to match the speed of getting or achieving our goals to the date we expect to complete them. It is ok. If you feel very strongly about what you set out to do and did all you could, more than your best; than you have succeeded. Then, start again, aim high, set a new date to achieve your new goal.

Your goals must be clearer than your soup. Dr. Andrew Goh, an excellent motivational speaker from Singapore; always stressed this point whenever he gave motivational talks. addressing insurance agents and other businessmen.

Do not set too easy a target deadline. A person’s fiercest competitor is himself or herself. Not anything else or anyone else. So, when you set a target, it should be higher than the one you last achieved. Only you, yourself; will know that target.

“Do my best” is for whiners – an excuse in disguise for not putting everything you’ve got into achieving your goals. You have to do more than just your best. You have to give it “your all”.

Then, armed with hope, a new zest for life, an inspiration, a whole lot of giving and bunches of smiles; you are ready. Press the “play” button in your life and share in abundance the talents you have.

Broth and Bouillon
Broth, or bouillon, is a common clear soup. Broths come in a variety of flavours, including chicken, turkey, beef, vegetable and mushroom. Bouillon can also come in a powdered form, and stock cubes are a famous example of a powdered broth or bouillon base.9 Mar 2022

Simon Sinek – “Metrics Aren’t Absolute”

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