In Times Like These…

“In times like these” – A day rarely goes by that you don’t hear someone utter these words.

Well, in times like these, when the world is battled and grappling with the devastating Covid-19 pandemic; you would think that we have learnt a lesson or two, and even applied them.

In times like these, a financially desperate person stealing a packet of milk to feed her hungry child gets caught and goes to jail for 2 years. Whereas another person who was charged with corruption involving millions of $, many times over, was convicted for over 10 years and fined. He is linked further to hundreds of millions of dollars more in corruption, including money laundering; and is set to have more court charges levied at him. Yet, he still walks free, not having served any time.

In times like these, two tarantula naval military submarines were purchased with the expectation that they will provide naval underwater surveillance and protect it’s country’s naval waters from intruders.

Instead, one submarine was turned into a floating restaurant (better than a sinking one), serving none other than the cosmoclot’s nasi lemak (if you are lucky, you may get a piece or two of shattered glass. This comes from the test tubes that shattered when the cosmoclot was returning into the earth’s atmosphere, on his way back from main masak2 at the space station some years back), two ondeh-ondeh, air sirap bandung, kari pup, kuih keyatap and more. Bear with me, if I am going off point, my thoughts may have jumped the tracks and derailed because I feel sleepy now. Partly due to my 10 km walk I just walked. Cannot keep my eyes open. Going to take a short break. See you in a bit.

As for the other submarine, it was making a loss, and they did not have a filot (yes, filot) to navigate it. The owners tried to sell it to Subway. But Subway insisted they only make submarines sandwiches, that they were not interested in acquiring an actual submarine. Though the idea seemed pretty nifty – eating submarine sandwiches in an actual submarine. If not eating, then, grab and go – it would still have been brilliant.

Finally, it was sold to The Beatles for 1 pound sterling, who then proceeded to paint it yellow. The rest is history, as they (who are the “they”?) say.

In times like these, when interest rates are rising, governments are coming up with new taxes to earn more revenue to balance their annual budgets and long term fiscal deficits. They should just stop building costly invisible ships and flying cars with trolley wheels.

In times like these, people have gone back to spending money like there was no tomorrow, having forgotten the hardships they faced during the last two years of financial difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In times like these” is a phrase that is beginning to sound like it belongs to the past, with no place for the present or the future. This phrase is usually quoted by senior citizens comparing present time with the past, that today, life is more difficult.

We should adjust to living “in times like these”. Yes, we should be more cautious or prudent in our spending habits and save a portion of income for that rainy day (more like stormy weather).

In times like these…We should live life, too; and live it to the fullest. Have fun, laugh a lot, laugh lots more than just “a lot”; spend time with our families and friends, and continuously work at building on them.

Mark Weinberg, Pinterest

In times like these; don’t forget to chill and relax, eat some delicious chocolate frosted with coconut and caramel, with mixed nuts in them; have a cup of coffee and maybe…just maybe, have a bit of a chuckle reading this article.

Coffee in my favourite Starbucks coffee mug with cover. Mug looks old but is still very important. It has the best coffee in it, all the time. I bought this coffee mug with cover when I had one of my first Starbuck coffees in Hollywood, U.S.A.; in July 1998.

NOTES: Having fun. Went off the rails with this article. Submarine on rails? Haha. Have an awe-inspiring and laughter filled weekend.

Nasi Lemak, ondeh-ondeh, kari pup (karipap), kuih keyatap (ketayap) are favourite Malaysian foods. Air sirap bandung is a favourite Malaysian drink.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

Minions | Stuart & Dave (HD) | Illumination

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