Exercise by Retail Therapy

Quite and eventful outing. It was about 3.00pm. Jeannie and I decided to go to Mid-Valley Shopping Centre. I still had not gone for my daily 10,000 step walk at that time.

So, I decided to window-shop all the shops in The Gardens and Mid-Valley Shopping Centre itself. Managed to complete the 10,000 steps while Jeannie went to several stores, the last being Metrojaya.

On our way home, we decided to swing by The Social at Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya; for cake and coffee. Good thing I did the 10,000 steps. The white chocolate…something cake which Jeannie chose; had a kezillion calories in it.

Initially, when the cake was first served; I not having paid much attention to it, thought it was a serviette dispenser. 😂


As I wonder what to write, I look out of the glass panel walls of The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf; watching the rain beat down hard on the sloping, well manicured lawns of what  looks like a park. Yes, it is raining as usual.

I was enjoying the view until Jeannie called and asked to meet her at the Scottish restaurant.

It is Jeannie’s and my first visit to Desa ParkCity. It is a centre of restaurants, sort of an upmarket place in the middle of “no where”. It has a couple of grocery stores, pharmacies and a few odds and ends stores. Not a real shopping center per se. “No where” is because it is so far away from Subang Jaya.

What would get your attention when you first come here, is that dog-owners get to bring their dogs here. Fairly big dogs and lots of small, indoor-home type of dogs. The dogs all seemed well behaved as they weaved in between visitors at this food court? And they were all on leashes.

I am not too sure if the dogs were given sedatives before they were brought here because I did not hear any dogs bark. Interesting.

While walking around this place; you will have to watch out for puddles of water, no not from the rain but that of dog’s pee. I would think that since dog-owners are allowed to bring their dogs here; there should be some arrangement to mop up these puddles quickly instead of leaving them unattended – dog pee puddle-bombed. And on a day like today, which is a public holiday; this place was crowded with people.

I wonder if all the dog owners managed to get their pets and themselves out of the rain by either going home in time or crowding the restaurants that allowed dogs in their premises.

Mcd’s, the Scottish restaurant; is on one end of the building complex, with a drive-thru’ ordering facility. That seemed convenient. For customers on foot, entering in the restaurant was a bit of a challenge in the very heavy rain. The restaurant is in the middle with the drive-thru’ going around it. There are railings on the other side of the drive-thru’ to protect people against the moving vehicles. A big section of this area is exposed to the heavy rain and other weather. People wanting to enter the restaurant would have to get caught in the rain, to get past the walkway opening of the railings. Or do like what we had to do, bend down half way to get in between the railings. Then, get across the pathway while watching out for moving vehicles. Was what we did called the “Scottish jig”? I wonder. I think that is a bit of a design flaw that Mcd’s has accepted and is living with it.

The name of this shopping mall is “Waterfront @ Parkcity”. You would think there is a big lake or a river running along it. We didn’t see any. I am beginning to wonder if the heavy rain all around us was the “waterfront”. Actually, looking at a picture on their website, there is a lake nearby. It was unfortunate that we missed that area.

Would I recommend people to visit and spend their time here. “Yes!” It is a well thought out mall with the slight exception of getting into Mcd’s. It is a happening place, a building surrounded with lush greens – lawns and trees, giving you a feeling of space. For people residing in the surrounding areas; it is a nice place to come to when you want to get out of your home once in a while, have a bit of a stroll and come for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jeannie and I will not be frequenting this place as it is quite a distance from where we live. But we did “book our tickets”. More about this to come…soon.😉