The invasion of nuts and bolts powered by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has begun….we, knowingly, allowed it. The invasion has begun in our homes.

Attempts to control our minds, too; have started. For instance, one of the gadgets is dictating to us that the things we see, are in the colors it projects. Yet, when you put the picture against the actual object that you took the picture of, the colors are not as per what your eyes tell you. Yet, these artificial intelligence powered gadgets are insisting that they are, and that what your eyes actually see, aren’t.

The danger is that this technology under the disguise of making life easier for you; is removing whatever exercise you may have while doing your house chores for instance, thus making you weak and possibly prone to illnesses.

Are you,…yes, you reading this article; ready to regain control of your life?

More on this coming your way soon.

Ai-Da, the world’s first AI artist.

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