Exercise by Retail Therapy

Quite and eventful outing. It was about 3.00pm. Jeannie and I decided to go to Mid-Valley Shopping Centre. I still had not gone for my daily 10,000 step walk at that time.

So, I decided to window-shop all the shops in The Gardens and Mid-Valley Shopping Centre itself. Managed to complete the 10,000 steps while Jeannie went to several stores, the last being Metrojaya.

On our way home, we decided to swing by The Social at Empire Gallery, Subang Jaya; for cake and coffee. Good thing I did the 10,000 steps. The white chocolate…something cake which Jeannie chose; had a kezillion calories in it.

Initially, when the cake was first served; I not having paid much attention to it, thought it was a serviette dispenser. 😂