This picture in 1983. Behind is what looks like the Brothers’ quarters and chapel. The building is no longer there today.

Ex-La Salle school Klang Table-Tennis (Ping-Pong to some) team Captain and Ex- Librarian of the same school turns 55 years old – today! Malcolm Lloyd Atkinson (at the age of 2 years, he insisted, sort of; to address him by his full name), most popularly known to many of my friends as my youngest brother; well, because he is.

This picture was taken at dad’s & mum’s 25th wedding anniversary. Seated: Jennifer, Mum and Dad. Standing Left to right: Malcolm, Terence, Nigel and me (Alan)

Malcolm was the kid amongst us siblings. He was usually left out of many things because he was too young to be with the rest of us. So, he used “being a kid” as his strength.

A familiar sight: Malcolm with the guitar and at the mike.

One of the many talents that he has is singing and playing the guitar. Malcolm watched TV musicals and learnt from them to play the guitar. This was in his early teens. YouTube was non-existent at that time.

Malcolm was also Table-Tennis School Captain. We had a table-tennis table at home and with his school mates over at our house everyday to play Table-Tennis; he had a lot of practice. Hence, school captain.

Now, he was also a school Librarian, not because he liked reading books. It was because they served good buffets at gatherings. Cheeky! I was a school Librarian, but they didn’t serve buffets at gatherings during my time! Not fair 😢

Something else that Malcolm has not left behind in his childhood is his craze for Spiderman and marvel hero comics. I remember our dad bought him 3 or 4 first edition large comics many years ago. I don’t know if he still has them but he is a credible collector of these books. And all the figurines, etc.

From young, Malcolm has always had an unwavering passion to serve God.

Malcolm has always been the gentle soul, reaching out to people, especially through his music. He does not just hit the notes. His music is alive, mesmerizing his audience to being a part of it. He has touched the lives of countless numbers of people. This trait that he has goes way back to his days in school.

As time moved on, this 👇 happened.

Uma came along, they got hitched and now, we all look forward to going to their house very often because Uma is an awesome cook, famous for her fiery dishes. She has this affinity for very spicy food. Then, Malcolm calms our wrecked nerves (due to the spicy food) with his barista expertise latte coffee – home brewed.

Uma and Malcolm, while on a trip to the U.S..
At a fire station in New York
From New York to India? Is this a Bollywood movie, I wonder. Absolutely stunning couple!

No, no, we aren’t firemen. This is our protection armor. We were in the same team, ready to do battle – paint ball battle. Right to Left: Malcolm, Uma, Jeannie and me

Malcolm is a family man. He has always been an advocate of family values and virtues. He and Uma spend whatever time they can get with our family as well as Uma’s. He preaches that God is the centre of family always, and that we draw strength in love, hope and peace based on this premise.

Our whole family together in late 2018. We had Virginia, Valencia, Veronica and Audra – our cousins, making a special visit from Australia.

At one of our gigs. Usually at family gatherings. Nice guitar. Left to Right: Malcolm, Nigel Terence and me
Coffee…common at Malcolm’s house…without the Tag Heuer

This ex-La Sallian who 55 today, has been a blessing to all of us in the family and to everyone whom he meets. Knowing him, “55” is but a number. He will continue to do all that he does fervently.

Happy Birthday, Mal! Love you, bro! (I can call him “bro”; he is my brother)

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