Hot Wheels
1) The first Hot Wheels car that was produced was a dark blue custom Camaro in 1968.
2) Mattel has sold more than 6 billion Hot Wheels cars since then.
3) The most anyone has ever paid for a Hot Wheels car was more than $150,000. One wealthy fan paid that price at auction for a pink Beach Bomb model that is extremely rare because only two were produced.

58 Thunderbird. Red, chrome base, gray int., tinted windows, maroon and silver design w/Hot Wheels logo on sides, Malaysia (2004)

Nitro Scorcher, Malaysia
Formul8r, Malaysia
’56 Ford, Malaysia (1999)
1186 MJ, 1, NL; Malaysia (2014)

Suzuki SSX/R-4, Malaysia (2003)

Cool One, China (2004)

Robo Zoo, 1983 (Malaysia)

Boulevard Bucaneers, China

Pony-Up, Malaysia (2001)

Corvette Stingray, Malaysia (1979)

Notice the blue roll cage?

Chrysler 300C, Malaysia (2005)

Dodge Pan Pick-up, Malaysia

Rivited, Malaysia

’57 Chevy, white, red tinted windows, bonnet (hood opens), chrome base, red rims, Malaysia (2003)

The case closed

This set of 15 vehicles is for sale: US$48.00 (excluding shipping)
RM160.00 (excluding shipping)


Hot Wheels: The Collector’s Case

HOT WHEELS: The Collectors Case Includes, ’58 Thunderbird, Rivited, Boulevard Bucanners and more. 15 vehicles


Price in Malaysia, RM160.00 (excluding shipping)
You can choose to make payment via:
Alan Ian Atkinson
Account Number: 114299048159
email to:
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