You are the artist of your own masterpiece… a representation of your life. The choice of tools or instruments…colours, whether it is oil- or water-based…The type of paint palette, the size of brush and the number of brushes used… The brush to canvas can be applied with gentle or stronger strokes. Every item used, even the type of canvas each is a representation of a part of your life.

No qualifications needed. No past experience needed.

Every stroke of the paint brush to canvas creates your masterpiece.

What if there is a small mistake in a choice of colour or a brushstroke? You just paint over it. It may leave a blemish or two or many in your masterpiece. Never mind. It is your masterpiece that you are willing to rise when you fall…that you are willing to start over with a “never give up” attitude.

No one can copy your masterpiece, not even replicate it by use of technology because the thoughts and emotions that you invested into this work is yours and your only.

Your masterpiece is evolving on a constant.

Everyone is an artist. There are no wrong masterpieces. There are no imperfect masterpieces. Everyone’s work is unique to that person. Which makes each masterpiece priceless.

Laura Atkinson’s art, 2013

NOTE: This picture above, was created by Laura Atkinson on a Samsung Note 2, when she was 12 years old.